Losing weight sometimes involves starving and spending hours in the gym, but a new Italian weight loss program is putting an end to the suffering. They’ve come up with a new, easier way to shed those stubborn few pounds. It’s called a calzone, Shireen hopes.

If you think you’ve tried everything to lose weight, think again.

Chiara Migani: "Figurella was born about 30 years ago, and it’s an Italian company, so we’re pretty famous in Italy and South America. We have about 500 centers worldwide, and we just started in the United States market."

Figurella in Coral Gables, and other parts of South Florida, came up with a special system.

Chiara Migani: "It is a system completely based on a scientific method, so basically what we do is try to work on women’s metabolism."

From Italia with amore, and with a three-step program.

Chiara Migani: "No. 1 is the bubble workout. What you do is a 30-minute specific workout in the areas that you want to focus on."

The bubble is hot — 98 degrees hot.

Chiara Migani: "It means that your enzymes are maximized, so you start burning fat from the first second."

Notice your head is outside the bubble, for comfort. And it’s also comfy for your back.

Chiara Migani: "If you have an injury, for example, you’re not able to go and run, or do other kind of activities, but here you’re laying down in the bubble, so it’s very safe for your back and for your shoulders, and for your knees, of course."

After working out, you take a quick shower and step into a spa shell for an oxygen bath.

Chiara Migani: "You’re gonna stay there for 15 minutes, and in those 15 minutes, you have a detox effect, so we try to work on your metabolism again."

It’ll also give you silky skin.

Arely Ruiz: "It feels like you’ve been pampered, because the oxygen bath leaves you feeling like that."

The third step is watching what you eat.

Chiara Migani: "We encourage our clients to follow the entire method. That is not just the workout, not just the oxygen, but it’s also the nutrition. That usually is the most important part, of course."

Here, the more sessions you sign up for, the more you save.

Chiara Migani: "Our prices range from $50 to $85 per session, but we sell packages. At the beginning, we always encourage our customers to come three times a week because you will get the best out of it."

Figurella reps say it’ll totally change your life.

Chiara Migani: "What will really change is your measures, because as I said before, it’s personalized on your focus areas."

Figurella Coral Gables
1600 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(844) 662-8941

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