New York Fashion Week is on its way in the Big Apple, and here on Deco, we’re following it pretty closely. Today, we picked a new clothing collection to show you by one of Hollywood’s golden girls.

What’s New York Fashion Week without a bunch of celebrities?

Rihanna: "It’s a unisex line, so there’ll be things for guys and girls."

Friday was time for Rihanna to debut her fall winter collaboration with Puma.

Rihanna: "It’s a little bit surreal; I’m really excited. I’m just happy that everything came out beyond my expectations. From the fabrics to the finishes, prints, everything is really, really great!"

"Fenty x Puma" by Rihanna is dark, with an Asian influence.

Rihanna: "The inspiration and the aesthetic was just some Japanese street culture, with a little bit of a haunting Gothic twist, but very lightly."

It also looks like stuff RiRi would wear…

Rihanna: "I design things that I like to wear, selfishly. I’m a selfish designer, but I also design things that my friends would like."

As for some of her favorite pieces…

Rihanna: "This is one of my favorites, this velvet hoodie. We have a lot of good faux furs, the tracksuit rollup to the ground, but I mean, it’s so many. The shoes are so good. We even made heels, we made wedges, boots. It’s difficult to choose one piece."

As the models walked down the runway, lots of people seemed really impressed, and that makes Rihanna very happy.

Rihanna: "I’m so lucky. I’m so grateful that people received it in that way, that they thought it was really good. I didn’t expect that reaction, because to see the world really receive it and love it, I can’t put it into words how that made me feel."

Sounds like someone has a bright future in design ahead, but for now, all we can do is wait. The collection hits stores in September.

Rihanna: "I’m so happy, and I can’t wait for people to see it, and wear it! That’s gonna be the best part!"

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