The enemy of your enemy is your friend, right?

Well, in the new spy thriller “The 355,” when it comes to saving the world from a group of mercenaries who’ve gotten their hands on a top-secret weapon, there is safety in numbers.

Jessica Chaistain plays CIA Agent Mace.

Jessica Chaistain (tough cookie): “She has a lot of difficulty trusting people and because she has a history of being hurt.”

And tells me she’d love this one part of the job.

Jessica Chaistain: “I love the whole disguises aspect of it, so I kind of feel like I live Halloween every single day where I get to put on a costume and pretend to be someone else.”

Penelope Cruz plays Graciela, a psychologist who somehow gets wrapped up in this breakneck mission.

Penelope Cruz (something is fishy): “I proposed to play the fish out of water because I thought we don’t see that a lot in this genre.”

But told me she’s already equipped with this important spy skill.

Penelope Cruz: “Knowing when somebody is lying, I can go into the room and feel quickly any tension. If somebody is uncomfortable, if somebody is hiding something big.”

Diane Kruger plays German operative Marie.

Diane Kruger (I’m exhausted): “This is, by far, one of the most physical characters I’ve ever done. I think it’s my real first action film.”

And admits after hearing from real spies.

Diane Kruger: “I mean, it’s always very dangerous to be found out, especially for a woman.”

Most of the time, the life is pretty boring.

Diane Kruger: “The heightened versions that we see in the movies I think, is the more fun way to go. You’re there every day watching a car leave a house.”

One of the action-packed scenes takes place at a high-end art auction, something Jessica is not unfamiliar with.

Jessica Chaistain: “I bought at auction, Lauren Bacall’s chair. I have it in my living room. I just imagine that she’s just sitting with us and judging us all. The fabulousness of having, you know, something that she cherished in my house makes me really happy.”

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