Shireen and I are pretty bubbly. We also love a little bubbly, and we’re in luck! Deco’s checking out a new pop-up on Miami Beach that’s all about fun and fizz!

They won’t make you fly like Willy Wonka’s fizzy lifting drinks or make you super territorial like this fish from “Finding Nemo,” but the drinks from the Seltzer Shop Pop-Up at The Confidante Miami Beach will definitely have you feeling bubbly!

Spokesperson for the Seltzer Shop: “The Seltzer Shop is an experiential pop-up where guests can come in and curate their own flight, where they get to try different hard seltzers and ready to drink cocktails in cans and bottles in a unique way.”

Hard seltzers are carbonated water combined with alcohol and different fruit flavors, and this place has plenty to pick from.

Spokesperson for the Seltzer Shop: “We have over 11 different brands and over 30 different flavors to try.”

There are well-known brands like Bacardi and Aperol, but if you’re looking for something a little different.

Spokesperson for the Seltzer Shop: “We also have a lot of small, new brands and women-owned brands such as Press and Two Chicks.”

This experience is for the 21-plus crowd only, and it’s totally free to try, even if you aren’t staying at The Confidante.

Confidante spokesperson: “When you think of Miami Beach and you think of The Confidante, you think of fun, vibrant, really exciting things to do. You’re not gonna find anything else like this in South Florida.”

The cool thing about the Seltzer Shop experience is that it’s completely customizable.

Seltzer Shop spokesperson: “Guests come in, and they’ll be curating their flight. They’ll be given a menu where they can kind of check mark, which flavors they wanna try, and a server will be bringing them different sample sizes in our beautiful curated flights, so guests get to try four different flavors.”

Attendee: “It’s such a unique experience. I’ve never done a seltzer tasting before. The seltzers are delicious. They’re fun, and they’re refreshing.”

Besides the fizzy drinks, there’s also some cute photo ops. It’s so fun, you’ll wanna come back for seconds.

Attendee: “I would definitely come back. They have a huge spread. Today I only got to try four, and there’s a lot more.”

The Seltzer Shop Pop-Up is reservation only. It runs through March 20.

For more information on how to reserve your slot, click here.

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