Feed your inner animal at Zoo Miami’s Feast with the Beast

Let’s talk turkey. Actually — let’s talk about turkey … and seafood and beef. There’s a food fest that will have you talking to, and about some of your favorite animals. And we got a preview of it!

It’s time to feed your inner animal.

Zoo Miami’s 23rd annual Feast with the Beast is this Friday.

Ron Magill, wildlife expert: “On March 16, we have Feast with the Beast. It is the single greatest annual fundraiser we have at Zoo Miami.”

Not only does Feast with the Beast raise money for the zoo and its foundation, the event is a food bonanza.

Ron Magill: “You see 30 of the top restaurants setting up great dishes. You get to sample through all those dishes.”

After the sun goes down, folks can enjoy music, belly dancers, great food and the animals who call Zoo Miami home.

Ron Magill: “It’s not in a banquet hall or a hotel. You are out here in the zoo. It’s all lit up and you will see animals out here — tigers, flamingos.”

With this many food options — there’s something for everyone.

Ron Magill: “Lobster mac and cheese yum … I’m not worthy.”

Vicky Carballo, co-owner: “Dos Croquetas is bringing our award-winning 305 croqueta. It’s a Cuban-style pico dillo, cheese inside an arepa.”

Don’t forget about the sweet stuff.

Ron Magill: “Ice cream! Oh look at the fancy little thing. *takes bite* Dude, there is nothing more I can ask for.”

Eddie Dominguez, chef: “We are bringing seven to eight cupcakes to this event. To top it off, we will have our signature cupcake which is guava with cream cheese.”

And Feast with the Beast has an open bar.

Ron Magill: “We have alcohol here. But it’s for anybody, any adult.”

Victor Castro: “This is a great way to showcase our beer with a vast number of people with other restaurants.”

There’s an auction, a hookah lounge..

And I can say from experience … it’s a blast.

Ron Magill: “You don’t have to wear the fancy high heels. As matter of fact, I suggest you wear comfortable shoes because there is some walking here.”

Tickets start at $250, but Deco fans get a discount.

Ron Magill: “And you know what’s great about this? Watchers of Deco Drive are going to get a huge discount. Use the code Deco. And you get $75 off. Seventy-five clamers off just by using the Deco.”

Sounds like a roaring good time!

For more information on Feast with the Beast, check out the link below. And remember to use the code “Deco.”


Feast with the Beast
12400 SW 152nd St.
Miami, FL 33177

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