Feast with the Beasts

You can unleash your inner beast at Feast with the Beasts, a posh fundraiser at Zoo Miami, Friday. Tickets start at $250 dollars; VIP "Beast Keeper" passes are $500. But the feeling you’ll get helping animals? Well, that’s just priceless.

This is Zoo Miami’s Feast with the Beasts, an annual fundraiser now in its 22nd year.

Ron Magill, Zoo Miami: "There’s nothing like having an event out here with some of the best restaurants in South Florida and all of the sights and sounds of the zoo at night."

Ron Magill: "I’ll tell you what, I’ve been here at Feast with the Beasts where you hear in the background, you hear, ‘Ohm, ohmmm.’ You haven’t lived ’til you’re having a ceviche and you hear a lion over your shoulder."

You got live music, dancers, drinking and dozens of top restaurants participating. The event is on Friday, and here’s your sneak peek.

Ron Magill: "A friends and family preview, like here we are at Kitchen 305."

Ron Magill: (eating) "Oh, my God! This is king crab and lobster. King crab and lobster, baby, and you know what’s great about this event? You can come back over and over."

With no limits on food or drinks, you can unleash your inner belly beast. Try the ceviche by Coya Miami. Yummy! And fresh pasta by Tamarina on Brickell.

Paul Radu, Tamarina: "We’re serving a tagliatelle, a homemade tagliatelle pasta with a lamb ragu, with some fresh kale and Pecorino Toscano, which is fresh grated cheese.

Check out this fish dish by The Oceanaire Seafood Room.

Kareem Anguin, The Oceanaire Seafood Room: "We’re gonna be featuring our mango and cobia ceviche. It has a little bit of tequila juice, orange juice in there, mangoes, cucumbers."

The event has animal ambassadors, too, and belly dancing!

Ron Magill: (holding snake around his neck) "How can you miss this? You snooze, you lose."

And when feasting with beasts, it’s OK to go wild.

Ron Magill: "At this event, sometimes I do get my freak on."

Why not? It’s for a good cause.

Ron Magill: "As the evening goes on people start revving up their trucks, for sure. "I mean, this really turns into a great party."

Feast with the Beasts is for adults only, so you’ll have to leave the kids at home. 

Feast with the Beasts 
Zoo Miami
12400 S.W. 152nd St.
Miami, FL 33177
(305) 255-5551