What happens in Vegas … will most definitely get blasted on Deco Drive. Remember that time Prince Harry ran around that hotel room naked? But for Michael Ealy and Hilary Swank in a new sexy thriller, the indiscretions aren’t so innocent.

What happens in Vegas…

Hillary Swank (as Valerie Quinlan): “Come on. Stay and play.”

Is, uh, probably a bad idea.

In the new thriller “Fatale,” Michael Ealy has a fatal attraction to Hilary Swank. When a married man meets a mysterious woman at a Las Vegas nightclub, he risks it all for a one-night stand, not knowing it ain’t over yet.

Hillary Swank (as Valerie Quinlan): “I am certain I know you from somewhere.”

Michael Ealy (as Derrick): “I don’t think so.”

Hilary Swank: “Having made a grave mistake, wanting a second chance, doesn’t go her way, and she just goes off the rails. She doesn’t know what to do with that, and playing that is a lot of fun.”

For Michael, “Fatale” wasn’t just a page-turner, it was a jaw-dropper.

Michael Ealy: “When I read it, I thought I knew what was happening, and it went left on me, and I was like, with the script, like, ‘Oh!'”

Same! But it wasn’t just the script luring him in.

Michael Ealy: “Hilary Swank is going to be the menacing force driving this movie. I’d say she made better as an actor.”

Indiscretion is at the center of this story, but cheating can be so gray in the age of social media, so, when is the line really crossed?

Alex Miranda: “Commenting on photos of your ex or DMing your ex.”

Michael Ealy: “You mean like an eggplant or something?”

Hilary Swank: “Nooo, I’m friends with my exes.”

Michael Ealy: “I think it’s indicative that something’s wrong, something’s missing. It doesn’t mean you cheated.”

Next, posting “thirst traps,” or, you know, sexy pictures, on Instagram.

Alex Mranda: “Do you think that’s crossing the line?”

Hilary Swank: “You learn something new every day. This is my thirst trap.”

Hilary didn’t know what they were, although she gave us her best attempt. Instead…

“Hilary Swank: “I’m like, ‘Look at my new horse! My new rescue dog! Look, I’ve got something green in my teeth!'”

“Fatale” is now playing in theaters.

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