If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to get in shape, you’ve had nearly three weeks to do just that. But sometimes kale and sweat just don’t cut it. Tonight, there’s a new technique involving two weapons that will blast your stubborn fat. This is all in tonight’s, Lynner Beauty.

Natalie Kowal: "I’m a little unhappy. Obviously every woman has problem areas with their body.

Natalie works out and eats well.

Natalie Kowal: "I’d like to slim down, lose a couple of inches. We all have a muffin top, but even around the belly button."

Lynn Martinez: "And Spanx isn’t doing it for you anymore. Because Spanx is my savior, but it’s not surgery."

Between Spanx and surgery is this thing called called UltraShape and VelaShape III, now being used together, as the atomic bomb to fat.

Natalie Kowal: "I chose the combination of the two of them because they are low in cost, and also they’re not invasive, so I don’t have to go under the knife."

Lynn Martinez: "It reduces cellulite? Wow, I can’t wait to see if that works."

Doctors swear it does.

Dr. Martin Zaiac: "People have been super happy because they don’t like the pain."

At Miami Skin and Laser on Miami Beach,  Dr. Martin Zaiac says the fat blaster procedure involves two steps: One, to kill the fat, the other, to tighten the skin.

Dr. Martin Zaiac: "The UltraShape here uses ultrasound, which goes in there and breaks up those cells, it actually kills them, without producing heat– that’s why it’s painless."
The sound wave things vibrates off the fat cells and breaks them up.

Lynn Martinez: "So, UltraShape kills the fat cell, and VelaShape III tightens you up."

Dr. Martin Zaiac: "Yes, it tightens the skin and removes the liquid that is produced when the fat cells are dead. Correct."

Lynn Martinez: "Yay, I learned something!"

Let’s do it.

Angel Green, operator: "So, you’re gonna feel a little bit of vibration"

Natalie looks pretty thin to me.

Angel Green: "As long as we have an inch to pinch in the treatment area, we’re good to go."

First, the UltraShape targets her area.

Lynn Martinez: "So you’re killing fat cells right now?"

Angel Green: "Yes. So, you can see here the white dots are where I’m gonna pulse to destroy the fat cells, and once I’ve hit them, the dots turn red."

The whole thing takes about an hour.

Angel Green: "There’s no side effects, she won’t feel anything when we’re done."

Guess so, Natalie’s falling asleep.

Lynn Martinez: "Oh, it’s working."

Angel Green: "So, she’s just feeling a little vacuum suction."

Lynn Martinez: "You can even see it! Look, it’s sucking her!"

Eventually, Natalie’s body will eliminate that broken up fat, and will need three sessions for a total of $3,000.

Did it work? Natalie’s before and after pictures were taken a month after the procedure was done, and she looks great. The results are just as impressive for some other people. So, don’t sweat over stubborn fat. Blast it, instead!


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