Fashion, nature and photography go into Chichiluna

(WSVN) - Fashion meets photography for one Fort Lauderdale designer. Her clothing is made for South Florida women, and it starts with the great outdoors.

Nature plus fashion equals Chichiluna.

Shirley Huskey: “Chichiluna is an artistic resort wear line that is basically hand crafted.”

Mother Nature is the muse for this South Florida-based fashion line.

Shirley Huskey: “I’m inspired by everything around me: every leaf, every flower, the sunrise, the sunset.”

There are leggings, dresses, even scarfs… And they all start with a photograph.

Shirley Huskey: “I take images and photoshop on the computer. I play with color and create an image I am happy with. Then I have it digitally printed on to fabric.”

Printed silk or bamboo fabric is then handmade into colorful, wearable works of art.

Shirley Huskey: “Chichiluna is a very limited production line, because there is so much that geos into each piece in creating, it’s hard to mass produce. There is no one that is going to have the exact same thing its very individual.”

Some of Chichiluna’s looks are even more hands-on.

Shirley Huskey: “The images that are not digitally printed I screen print and those I do myself at home. I’m set up to silk screen.”

And, the fabric is created so you don’t always realize the original design.

Shirley Huskey: “If you look at it, you will never know it’s a leaf. It looks like an animal print but it’s a leaf.”

A photo of a woman with a flower was turned into the “Hidden Faces” swing dress.

And, “The Musings of the Heart” comes in different colors so it can be a cover up or a caftan.

Shirley Huskey: “I think they have a wide range of uses. It’s definitely a dressy resort wear. You can wear it to lunch on the beach. You could go to a party by the pool.”

Chichiluna ranges from $75 to over $500, and it’s all made with love.

Shirley Huskey: “The Chichiluna is all hand-crafted from the first image to the finished product.”

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