Head’s up — it’s time for the royal wedding. And while most people will watch it on TV, we can still dress for the occasion. Besides, you know us — we don’t need an excuse to dress up.

When it comes to a royal wedding, there are two popular accessories: a good date and fascinating headwear.

Tammy Apostol, founder and creative director of TA Couture: “Fascinator is a type of headwear or millenary, and millenary is the art of hatmaking.”

Since we didn’t get an invite to Meghan and Harry’s wedding, Deco headed to Miami International University of Art and Design to check out one of the things most women will be sporting this weekend: a fascinator.

Tammy Apostol: “They are a staple pretty much for most weddings in Europe, especially daytime weddings.”

For women, having your head covered is important during religious services, like a royal wedding.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable.

Tammy Apostol: “Instead of wearing a big hat, which can be overwhelming in an enclosed area, that is why fascinators became so popular and a preferred item.”

Fascinators have structure and design. They can have silk flowers, feathers, different fabrics and even jewels.

Tammy Apostol: “Only the guests wear fascinators.”

But whatever you do, don’t call this headwear a hat.

Tammy Apostol: “The difference between a hat and a fascinator is that the fascinator is on a headband or a comb.”

A fascinator is usually the size of your head.

Tammy Apostol: “Anything bigger than your head or on a foundation is a hatinator on a headband or a comb.”

From pink to red, to turquoise to beige — when it comes to a fascinator, nearly anything goes.

But you may want to not recreate this number Princess Beatrice wore to Will and Kate’s wedding.

Tammy Apostol: “A good fascinator always has to be in proportion with your body, complementing your outfit.”

If you can’t be the one wearing the tiara at the wedding, a fascinator is the next best thing.


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