Magical creatures, human butterflies and golden goddesses. It sounds like a Lynn and Shireen weekend, but one SoFlo designer is making waves with her wild creations. Deco was invited into the magical realm of Kikimora Studio.

These fantastical creatures are the work of designer Olga Saretsky.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of — specifically, her dreams.

Olga Saretsky, designer: “A lot of influences I gather from my dreams. Believe it or not, since I was a child, I have been seeing different shapes and designs.”

Kikimora provides costumed entertainers for events all over the world.

Olga Saretsky: “We are very well known for wearable art performances, so we create creatures and goddesses.”

Deco got a peek behind the curtain at Olga’s Miami studio.

Olga Saretsky: “This is a gold goddess.”

The outfits are all handmade and take months to complete.

Olga Saretsky: “I am [a] big fan of avant-garde, and I love to close faces and express my emotions with my body. Kikimora originally was my nickname since I was very little. My mom used to call me like this when I become mischievous.”

When you see Olga’s creations, artists like Lady Gaga and movies like “Pan’s Labyrinth” come to mind, but Olga’s dreams provide the real inspiration.

Olga Saretsky: “It’s a beautiful movie, and when I saw it, I was like, ‘Yes, beautiful,’ but I was already making costumes at that time with long fingers. Long fingers, I think, is an expression of the emotions. You can show a lot with your hands.”

Guests at this event said yes to the big red dress.

Olga Saretsky: “We just learned how to incorporate the air inside that dress and create our character, the 7-foot tall princess.

It’s the performers who make the costumes come to life.

Olga Saretsky: “You have to love people to perform for people and with people. A lot of times, people want to talk to them — that’s how they respond — and then people start talking to them the same.”

Bouncing bunnies, acrobatic aliens and purple peacocks — all dreams that came true.


Kikimora Studio
2636 NW 21st Ter.
Miami, FL 33142

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