They say never work with family, but there are some exceptions, like when your dad, Sean Penn, has been nominated for five Oscars, but daughter Dylan is the star now, in the new drama “Flag Day.” Deco’s Alex Miranda, who’s back from a week of hibernation and beauty rest, has the story.

“Flag Day” is a true story about a young woman whose father counterfeited, like, $22 million dollars. I mean, nothing crazy, but she’s still loves him, and that’s complicated.

It’s a dysfunctional family affair in the new drama “Flag Day.”

Sean Penn (as John Vogel): “I love you, baby. You and me have the same heart. Two peas in a pod.”

Where Sean Penn plays John Vogel.

News anchor: “The second largest counterfeiter in U.S. history.

Father to Jennifer, played by — get this — real-life daughter Dylan! Following?

Dylan Penn (as Jennifer Vogel): “Dad, what do you do?”

Sean Penn (as John Vogel): “I’m an entrepreneur.”

And the reviews are in.

Alex Miranda: “I was thinking, ‘How proud Sean must be of his daughter right now?'”

Sean Penn: “I’m very much pinching myself with the excitement and the pride of how extraordinary an actress she is.”

It’s an adaptation of the real Jennifer Vogel’s memoir about rising above the wreckage of her dad’s double life.

Dylan Penn: “It’s really a love story, I think, between a father and a daughter. I think it’s also about forgiving the faults of your parents.”

But what’s it like when your dad — the two-time Academy Award winner — is also co-star?

Dylan: “I was really nervous. I wasn’t sure how it was going to be. First time working in a professional environment with your family can be disastrous or can be great, and thankfully, it was great.”

Sean Penn (as John Vogel): “I’m guilty until proven innocent.”

Dylan Penn (as Jennifer Vogel): “Dad, you will never change!”

Sean also directs the film, like he did another adaptation in 2007, the critically acclaimed “Into the Wild.”

Emile Hirsch (as Chris McCandless): “If you want something in life, reach out and grab it.”

Alex Miranda: “I was like, ‘I’ve got to do it in front of my “Into the Wild” poster!'”

Dork alert!

Alex Miranda: “My literal favorite movie of all time.”

But what’s the first word that comes to Dylan’s mind when she thinks of Sean?

Dylan Penn: “Tender.”

Aww, but we can’t forget she’s famously also the daughter of Sean’s ex-wife, Robin Wright.

No lack of good genes in this family.

Sean Penn: “I think both of the kids got my looks because their mom kept hers.”

He is “Wright,” but, he says…

Sean Penn: “I think it’s more the surprise of how little I see of us.”

Sean and Robin’s son, Hopper, also appears in the movie.

“Flag Day” is in theaters now.

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