Fake Fulfillment Center at Art Basel will leave you full

Most of the stuff at Art Basel is stuff you can only see with your eyes, but one artist is throwing that out the window and inviting you to not just look at his art, but be inside it. It’s an experience that will leave you fulfilled.

It’s time to put on your lab coat and get ready, because the doctor is in.

Shawn Kolodny, artist: “I believe art, especially this, like walking by and looking at it, is one set of conversations, but actually experiencing it is another.”

New York based artist Shawn Kolodny’s Fake Fulfillment Center inside Miami Beach’s Boulan Hotel isn’t just about looking at the art on the walls. He wants you to touch it, feel it and be inside of it.

Shawn Kolodny: “It changes the context in the way you experience the art and because of that, I think it makes you think about things in different ways.”

Every room throughout the exhibit has some sort of interaction.

You can paint with syringes.

Shawn Kolodny: “You’re gonna [he shoots] and so you paint my art with syringes.”

Or you can play a game of Twister, that comes with a twist.

Shawn Kolodny: “The colors are all the social media brands, so instead of calling out the color on the board, we call out the social media brand. So right foot Snapchat, left foot Facebook and it gets pretty funny and pretty intimate pretty fast.”

The point of all this is to highlight the things society is addicted to, luxury designers, and oh yeah, technology.

Shawn Kolodny: “Everyone has to have their iPhone X. No better sign of addiction right? The only thing that can fix you is you.”

So how do you cure yourself?

Write what you’re addicted to on the 3D pills bottles. Then step inside, where you’ll find blown up capsules that you can pose with.

Oh, and it looks like we’ve got some Deco Drive addicts who can’t seem to get enough!

Well let us tell you, there’s no cure for that.

Get your fix soon. The exhibit is only open until Sunday.


Shawn Kolodny

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