To quote a classic 1980’s song, "I always feel like somebody’s watching me." That’s because they are. We’re on television! But that’s also what happens in the new movie "Eye in the Sky." Drones flying overhead can see everything and can also launch missiles. Chris flew to Los Angeles to chat with the wonderful Helen Mirren about her new thriller.   

In "Eye in the Sky," Dame Helen Mirren is Colonel Powell — heading up a mission to capture a terrorist group in Kenya.

Helen Mirren: "In the period of time that we see in this film, she has to deal with a very, very difficult situation."

It’s a difficult situation because we learn the terrorists are planning a suicide bombing.

From thousands of miles away, the mission turns from capture to kill — using a drone strike. The entire movie plays out in real time.

Chris Van Vliet: "It certainly adds to the tension that’s going on in there. Was it shot in chronological order, though?"

Helen Mirren: "It was, we tried because we would get confused about where we were if we didn’t shoot it in chronological order. But what we did do was we shot all of my stuff first."

Just as they’re about to pull that trigger, a little girl steps into the frame — a little girl who would instantly be killed in the attack.

Helen Mirren: "All of the elements that are at play in a situation like this is so complex and so full of humanity. Just human beings."

While tensions are high for everyone, including the audience … making the movie was considerably easier.

Chris Van Vliet: "This must have been easy for you going to one location. You shoot all your scenes in one room."

Helen Mirren: "All in one location. In one costume. Yes, nothing changes, yes absolutely right. One pair of fatigues, one pair of boots — that’s it."

And you can catch Helen in all her drone glory for yourself! We’re giving away passes to see "Eye in the Sky" at any South Florida Regal Theaters any Monday through Thursday.

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