Extravagant milkshakes at Boca’s House

Nothing seals the deal on a great meal like a belly-busting dessert. Sometimes, the last course is the best course. Now, there’s a place in SoFlo where the food rocks and the milk shakes brings all the boys to the yard.

People are making it over to Boca’s House in Doral to dive into one of their over-the-top milk shakes…

Levin De Grazia: “We wanted to have a dessert. Wanted people to come just for the dessert, so I believe we are making that happen.”

The pastry chef is responsible for creating these masterpieces. He’s a man with a plan!

Wilfredo Ulacio: “We were thinking when we were talking about the desserts in the restaurant to have a very special moment, you know like the dessert is supposed to bring smiles on the table.”

Grins are guaranteed when these big boys come your way…

Nutella fans, this shake will send you to hazelnut heaven. A Nutella brownie, slathered in the spread, is topped with a Nutella truffle.

The Tres Leches shake has an actual ice cream cone in it, crowned by a piece of tres leches cake.

And then, there’s this…

Wilfredo Ulacio: “Let’s begin with the Deco Drive milkshake.”

A little dulce de leche on the plate holds the jar steady while the building begins.

The pumpkin pie shake is poured. The whipped cream comes next. That would work fine in most places, but not at Boca’s…

A pumpkin cake is placed on top of the jar, followed by a scoop of vanilla ice cream, condensed milk, a white fudge pretzel, a Twix bar and sliced almonds.

Wilfredo Ulacio: “And that’s it. There you have the Deco Drive milk shake.”

The milk shakes are mind-blowing, but the food’s nothing to sneeze at. The menu mixes the cuisines of Venezuela and Peru. That didn’t happen by accident.

Levin De Grazia: “All the owners of the restaurant, we were born in Venezuela, so we need to include that ’cause our roots are from Venezuela. The most influential cuisine in the world right now that is the Peruvian, so we wanted to combine those two kitchens.”

If you’re really up for a challenge, order the massive Tomahawk steak. You get a free T-shirt if you do…

Mark got one — and he also had a Tres Leches shake.

Mark: “Oh, it was phenomenal. It’s like three desserts in one. It was really good, so you had the pound cake right on top and then it goes into the ice cream and you had the shake on the bottom.”

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