Experts show how to rock ugly Christmas sweaters

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is Friday, Dec. 16, and as public service to Deco Drive viewers, here are some of the latest delightful disasters to honor the annual event.

‘Tis the season to be tacky. Deco made it over to the Pelican Grand Beach Resort on Fort Lauderdale Beach where ugly Christmas sweaters from Party City ruled the SoFlo night.

Avagay Lindsay, Party City: “Even though we’re in South Florida, we still want to get in on the winter fun, so we’re gonna get in on the sweater fun and just make it a little bit more festive with ugly sweaters.”

You would think that in fashion-conscious South Florida, ugly sweaters would be shunned.

Not so.

Avagay Lindsay: “Sometimes the best way to show your creativity is to go the opposite of high fashion.”

Not just any sweater can make the cut to be considered ugly.

Avagay Lindsay: “It has to have the traditional snowman, your reindeer, the colors. You can’t have an ugly Christmas sweater without your reds, your green.”

When it comes to tacky, your sweater is just the beginning.

Avagay Lindsay: “If you want to take it to another level, you get a good canvas and then you can add little things to it.”

For instance, silly hats and shotglass-bearing suspenders make the perfect accessories when the goal is to be seasonally silly.

If the idea of wearing a sweater in a tropical climate makes you break out in a sweat, there is an alternative.

Avagay Lindsay: “So you have the T-shirts that give the sweater look. They’re still festive, they’re still tacky. You still can dress them up and make them your own and go in on the ugly sweater trend.”

An office party, a trip to the mall or a family gathering — every place is the perfect place to rock your ugly sweater.

Avagay Lindsay: “I walk in the room, everyone’s staring. That’s what us Floridians love.”

Be proud, be loud and remember: Ugly Christmas sweaters rule!

Avagay Lindsay: “The sky’s the limit. You can let your imagination go completely wild, and the tackier the better.”

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