Experience art through virtual reality at North Miami exhibit

Last year’s Art Basel was full of paintings, photographs and sculpture, but this year we saw an explosion in a new dimension. Swedish artist Jacob Felländer is exploring the world of virtual reality, and he brought Deco along for the ride.

You can gaze at a painting, admire a sculpture, lose yourself in a photograph, but this artist wants to take you further.

Jacob Felländer, artist: “This is a way of experiencing art in a totally different way than you have before.”

Jacob Felländer opened his new exhibit, “How to Unlock a Portal,” at MOCA in North Miami.

He show uses virtual reality to explore photographs and paintings.

Jacob Felländer: “Where does photography meet painting? Where does painting meet photography? Eventually that led me to an obsession to wanting to enter into my own images.”

Jacob Felländer: “This is the image that you actually travel into. It’s almost like building a computer game. It’s using old technology and traveling through it with the latest technology.”

After viewing a gallery of Jacob’s photographs, guests put on VR goggles — and enter another world.

Jacob Felländer: “What you see first is an image from my studio. Then you see one of the paintings — then you travel into it.”

Once inside the painting, you can look up, down and around you as you fly through a new dimension.

Jacob Felländer: “Started experimenting with date and time and depth in images.”

And he doesn’t stop there. Jacob creates 3-D prints of objects found inside his paintings, like a water tower.

Jacob Felländer: “It kinda just crash landed here. It’s from another dimension.”

“How to Unlock a Portal” runs through Feb. 11 right here — in our own dimension.


Jacob Felländer: How to Unlock a Portal

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