There are plenty of fish in the sea, and we aren’t talking about your dating life. We are talking about our scaly neighbors off shore, and there is a fun way to check ’em out up close and personal.

Swim with the fishes has a new meaning thanks to Beach Ventures SEABOB Rental in Fort Lauderdale, just behind the Pelican Grand Beach Resort.

Rene Heinen, Beach Ventures SEABOB Rental: “A SEABOB is an underwater Jet Ski, where you can drive on the surface, and at the same time, you can submerge under water.”

This isn’t a traditional Jet Ski.

Hold on tight and the SEABOB propels you both on and under the water.

Rene Heinen: “We do not provide a boat. We take the SEABOB from the beach to the reef.”

This isn’t scuba diving or even snorkeling. You don’t need to be certified to SEABOB.

Rene Heinen: “Matter of fact, you don’t need to know how to swim.”

Beach Ventures gives you a mask and a safety harness, and as long as you can hold your breath for a little bit, you can check out the deep blue sea right off our shores.

Rene Heinen: “As a safety component, once you go down to 2.5 meters, which is equivalent to 9 feet, automatically, the engine will shut off, and you will slowly float up to the surface.”

Because the SEABOB pulls you, you can go out farther than most people can swim.

Rene Heinen: “We take you to 700 yards off the beach, and you can swim with the fish and experience the reefs.”

That’s the length of seven football fields.

Rene Heinen: “You can see anything from turtles to nurse sharks.”

You might even spot a ray.

Marlene Downes, customer: “Once in a lifetime. Phenomenal. Oh, my gosh, we were down there, and you could see parrot fish and angel fish and coral. It was so much fun.”

Jacob hammer, customer: “It’s fun and exciting. It makes you feel like you are a dolphin.”

The tour is guided, so you aren’t out there alone.

There is just one rule to remember.

Rene Heinen: “The reefs are protected, and we aren’t touching the reefs.”

Beach Ventures tours are 90 minutes long and prices start at about $140.”

Rene Heinen: “You can actually feel how it is to be like a fish.”

Marlene Downes: “You don’t have to be on vacation to have an experience. It’s right here. Enjoy it.”


Beach Ventures SEABOB Rental
2000 N. Ocean Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

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