Going on vacation usually means a vacation from your workout routine. Let’s face it, a lot of hotel gyms leave a lot to be desired. But at a hotel in Miami, the gym is in your room!

Welcome to Even Hotel Miami.

This place is all about staying healthy while you are traveling.

Armando Hernandez, chief wellness officer: “Even Hotel Miami is a hotel that is based on wellness. It’s created to have fitness at its core for travelers.”

The features at Even scream healthy lifestyle.

Armando Hernandez: “From the minute you walk in, we have hydration stations throughout the hotel.”

In the rooms, it’s obvious fitness is key.

Armando Hernandez: “We have a workout zone in the room. We have with the balls and mats and squares where you can do various exercises in the room.”

If you need a little help with your workout, you’ll find guided training sessions on TV!

Armando Hernandez: “The first 18 channels have a trainer demonstrating how to use all the features of the workout station in the room.”

So while the trainer works with resistance bands, you can too, or you can use the fitness manual and go at your own pace.

Armando Hernandez: “It’s really designed for everyone. From the most inexperienced person to the most experienced person, there are different levels of exercises that you go through.”

All of the rooms have the same workout zone with a mat, resistance bands and even a foam roller to massage those tight muscles.

But if you get a suite, you’ll be sitting pretty on a bike.

Armando Hernandez: “The suites are a little unique because each suite comes with a spin bicycle, and it’s a one-and-a-half bedroom suite and it has a spin bike with the TV and instructors as well.”

If you want to workout even more, the gym is open 24/7.

Armando Hernandez: “It’s an oversized fitness room, which is 2000 square feet with state-of-the-art technology and the machines that we have in there.”

When it comes time to refuel after your workout, Even Hotel keeps you in the zone.

Armando Hernandez: “There are no vending machines in the hotel. It’s all about eating healthy.”

From smoothies to shrimp tacos, the food at their restaurant, Cork and Kale, is good and good for you.

Armando Hernandez: “We have no fryers in the hotel. All our food is baked.”

The theory at Even Hotel Miami is you can stay healthy while staying at Even.

Even Hotel Miami
3499 NW 25th St.
Miami, FL 33142

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