What if your favorite beverage was ice cold and came from a keg — And it wasn’t beer — it was coffee. It’s a whole new way to enjoy your cup of Joe. Deco’s Chris Van Vliet’s cup runneth over with info on this big, bad brew…

I’m no scientist, but I can tell you from extensive research — a.k.a. using Google — that nitrogen makes up approximately 78 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere — you could say it’s essential to life on earth. But what if we took that essential element, and put it into coffee? A SoFlo coffee house knows the answer.

Riddle me this: What’s cold, comes in a glass and makes you feel great from the first sip?

The answer is the Euphoria brew served up at Eternity Coffee in Downtown Miami.

Chris Johnson, owner of Eternity Coffee: “It’s cold brew that’s been kegged and infused with nitrogen, so it comes out with a texture similar to any nitrogen beer like Guinness.”

When owner Chris Johnson found out about nitrogen-infused cold brew, he knew he had to check it out…

Chris Johnson: “And so we started experimenting with it and workshopping with our customers until we got really favorable results.”

Favorable is right… what coffee lover wouldn’t love a brew that tastes like this?

Chris Johnson: “The nitrogen brings a very milky, creamy mouth-feel to it, so you would almost think that it has some kind of a milk in it and it also brings out a sweetness, so you’d think it’s got a sugar to it.”

Cold brewing doubles the amount of caffeine in coffee, so think of the nitrogen as a kind of delivery service…

Chris Johnson: “The theory is that the nitrogen carries the caffeine to your bloodstream faster than it would without it.”

So does that mean one glass of Euphoria brew will have you feeling super-buzzed and bouncing off the walls? Not so fast.

Chris Johnson: “This gives a very euphoric feeling, which is where we got the name ‘Euphoria’ so it’s a very happy caffeine experience, not a very jittery caffeine experience.”

And then there’s this… you won’t feel bad when the euphoria wears off…

Chris Johnson: “There’s no caffeine crash. It’s a very gradual deceleration in terms of the experience.”

You can drink your nitro cold brew straight up or you can add a little pomegranate to it.

Marilyn: “I think it’s an exotic experience with the pomegranate. It’s kind of refreshing, but it’s also stouty. It’s nice, it’s nice.”

You might not think of coffee as a performance enhancer… but some athletes use nitrogen-infused cold brew before or after workouts, saying they prefer it over energy drinks because it’s all natural and there’s no crash.


Eternity Coffee
117 SE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33131
(305) 350-7761

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