Surfing, pineapples, hula skirts. Hawaii gives so much to the world, it’s almost greedy of us to ask for more, yet here we are. South Florida has a tasty new way of tasting the 50th, and in many ways the best, state. Aside from Florida, of course.

Say aloha to Esotico Miami.

Rafael Disla, employee, Esotico Miami: “When you’re coming here, you’re coming for the perfect infusion of Miami’s city life and Hawaii’s tropical beaches.”

Your Sunday funday is getting a taste of paradise.

Rafael Disla: “Our Aloha Brunch is a tiki-inspired brunch by Hawaiian-inspired food, drinks, cocktails.”

Diner: “Ooh, amazing.”

When it comes to brunch food from the Rainbow State, think the 4 S’s: sweet, salty, seafood and Spam. Yup: Spam!

Rafael Disla: “Our fried rice is completely different and truly Hawaiian because Spam is huge over there, and we like to use Spam in our fried rice.”

Go crazy for the Loco Moco. It’s got rice, beef, gravy and an egg.

Or dive in and take a bite of their version of a hot dog.

Rafael Disla: “Our special hot dog that we call the Octopus Hot Dog, instead of having a hot dog inside, it’s an octopus in the middle. We decided that, because everything in Hawaii is usually influenced by the ocean, so instead of using a land animal, why not use something from the ocean?”

The brunch band is hot, and the brunch drinks are on fire.

Rafael Disla: “Our Volcano Bowl is our rum-based drink that is set on fire, followed by its own show. Something else that’s popular is our Mai Tai, which is served in our souvenir cups that you will only find here.”

Chelsea Wells, diner: “There is no one else that is having this tropical, real Hawaiian-style brunch. Its so perfect.”

Esotico Miami
1600 NE 1st Ave,
Miami, FL 33132


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