Epitome Hair Studio makes celebrities, fashionistas feel pretty in pink

Hair trends are always changing. But there’s one color craze that has been taking Hollywood by storm recently.

It’s all about girl power.

Deco’s checking out a fun style that has some of your favorite celebs tickled pink.

Lady Gaga: “Freak out, freak out, freak out, look at me now.”

Lady Gaga did it.

Bebe Rexha: “This is me, a woman in dichotomy.”

So did Bebe Rexha…

And Halsey!

Halsey: “You can be kind to the one that you love.”

And now you can rock pink hair too!

Feeling pretty in pink is easy at Epitome Hair Studio in Miami Beach.

Veronica Inness: “You can go pale pink. You can go metallic pink. You can go rose gold. There’s a lot of different areas, and I find that it actually looks best on every skin tone. There’s no one that can’t do it.”

Sarah Michelle Geller and January Jones kept it light and fun, but Sarah Hyland and Cardi B went bold and bright.
Epitome Hair Studio created this full metallic pink look, which is perfect for anyone who wants a little edge.

Sarah Games: “I work in music, so I love doing crazy hair colors. I feel like it makes me stand out more. I love pink, and I’ve never done this color before, and I think it’s just great.”

Not ready to go full pink? No problem!

A softer, rose gold color mixed with your natural hair creates a playful look.

Veronica Inness: “I actually wanted it to be more golden than rosy, therefore I mixed a coral and a bubblegum pink, and I allowed it to sit on the hair for over 15 minutes, and I rinsed with cool water.”

This style is great for someone who just wants to try out a fun color, because it’ll start fading after about five washes.

Veronica Inness: “It’s something that you can wear as a professional. Something you can wear as a creative. It doesn’t matter, it suits everybody.”

Erika Becker: “I love how feminine it looks, even when you’re wearing a black, so I feel like it brings out a lot of my features.”


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