Remember going to the movies and going to shows? Well, listen up, because there are two SoFlo companies teaming up to give you a show-stopping experience.

Why simply watch a movie … when you can feel like you’re in one?

Drive-ins are all the rage these days. EPIC Outdoor Cinema in Fort Lauderdale makes giant, sealed-air movie screens that can be set up just about anywhere.

Nick Touroungi, COO of EPIC Outdoor Cinema and CEO of Twilight Features: “They can actually float on the water. They can be used in many different venues: indoor, outdoor, on top of roofs.”

Sure, watching a movie is great on its own, but EPIC’s sister company, Twilight Features, wants you to have the ultimate watch party at their “Cars Under the Stars” events.

Nick Touroungi: “Twilight Features came up with this unique concept to enhance the screening by incorporating performers to engage the audience and give then an alternative to your standard drive-in movie event.”

Think circus meets cinema. This screening of “The Greatest Showman” had fire dancers, hula hoop twirlers, even jugglers, so it’s like the movie is coming to life right in front of you.

Nick Touroungi: “So far, everybody’s loved it. Having the live performers right in front of you as the movie is playing in certain scenes has definitely been one of the highlights of coming out to the event.”

The performers are all wearing masks while they do their thing. Some even match their costumes.

So whether you’re watching from inside your car or set up chairs outside, you can rest easy knowing that The Greatest Show is also the safest.

The next “Cars Under the Stars” event is happening on March 19. It will be an encore screening of “The Greatest Showman.”


EPIC Outdoor Cinema

Twilight Features’ Cars Under the Stars

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