Art is subjective. In fact, you can even say it’s just a pigment of your imagination. See what I did there?

But this week in SoFlo, you don’t just have to look at all the cool artwork in town. You can actually be part of it.

Deco’s own masterpiece, Alex Miranda is in Miami Beach with more.


You don’t need a code word to fully immerse yourself in the new exhibit at Artechouse in Miami Beach.

Zach Lieberman: “So this is an exhibition called future sketches/code poems, and it’s really about kinda what is the future of art.”

Artist Zach Lieberman brings art to life by mixing mediums.

Zach Lieberman: “Using computers and technology but really to make interesting interactions, experiments. Things that take the body as input and transform it in all kinds of ways.”

Interactive is the key word here.

Zach Lieberman: “It’s art that you can experience, so you can use your voice, you can use your gesture, you can use your body, you can play, you can touch. Usually you go to a museum and you see a sign that says, you know, do not touch, and here, these are things you can experience.”

You can even, make a little mural for your favorite TV show on the reflection studies table.

Zach Lieberman: “The installation is exploring how light would reflect off those objects, so you can basically play with light. You can touch light and to me there’s something really beautiful about that.”

Color also plays a big role in this exhibit.

Zach Lieberman: “Color is such an important part of expression. Different colors evoke different feelings, so I try to weave different colors through my work. I have so much fun making this work. I have so much fun experimenting, and I wanna share that with the audience.”

Sounds like the perfect installation to celebrate Artechouse’s five year anniversary in SoFlo.

Josh Feldman: “We’re proud to showcase artists that are the artists of tomorrow and the creative means of tomorrow, telling stories and sending visitors off to far off places.”

And when it comes to the stories being told at Future sketches/code poems…

Zach Lieberman: “You come and you create a relationship with the work and it’s the feedback system that is the art. The work isn’t complete without the participant.”

The event opens to the public on Wednesday at 1 p.m. Tickets for kids start at $17 and for adults $26.

736 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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