Picnics are cool.

If by cool, you mean sitting in the hot sun, swatting bugs, and sweating.

A Fort Lauderdale restaurant has reinvented the picnic, and thrown the beach and the full moon into the deal

At Burlock Coast in the Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale, the nighttime is the right time for a “full moon picnic.”

Chef Brooke Mallory: “We basically pack your dinner for you, and it works out great because we are literally right across the street from the Atlantic Ocean, so you get a full view of the full moon.”

Your basket is filled with everything you need for a great dinner on the beach.

Chef Brooke Mallory: “The picnic includes an appetizer sharing for two. You get a choice of entrees and then dessert that you can share for two.”

Don’t worry, you won’t go thirsty. A bottle of wine also comes with the package.

Chef Brooke Mallory: “So the customer can choose between red wine, white wine, or a bottle of bubbly.”

Some of your choices have already been made for you. The appetizer and the dessert, that’s a done deal.

Chef Brooke Mallory: “We created like a nice charcuterie Foccacia, our famous key lime pie with dulce de leche cream, and a mojito gel.”

The entrees are your call.

We recommend the braised short rib with roasted potatoes and the seared gnocchi with mushrooms and basil pesto.

Chef Brooke Mallory: “It’s just our favorites plated to go.”

Your fully-packed basket is waiting for you at the host station. Pick it up and make your way to the beach. Lay your blanket down wherever you like.

Chef Brooke Mallory: “Participants can either choose a spot anywhere on the beach that they would like, or they’re more than welcome to use the Ritz Carlton beachfront.”

Once your full moon feast is underway, take all the time you like. There’s no need to hurry.

You don’t have to return the basket, it’s yours to keep.

So kick back, enjoy the food, and let the moonlight work its magic on you.

Aaron Dutcher: “It’s really romantic, being on the beach in nice warm weather Florida, eating great food.”

Corrie Menton: “It was an incredible experience. The beach with the moonlight, everything was perfect. It was romantic. I mean, it was a great date.”

The next full moon picnic takes place this Saturday.


Full Moon Picnic at Burlock Coast
1 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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