Embrace yellow as this season’s ‘It’ color

The sun, bananas and minions — those are just a few of Lynn’s favorite things. Can you guess why? They’re all yellow! You know what else is yellow? This season’s hottest fashion pieces. Here’s tonight’s Style Files.

Gabrielle Union, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Chrissy Teigen and hubby John Legend … it seems like everywhere you look, there’s one color celebrities are adding to their closets this season: yellow.

Cristina Dewindt, Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour: “It’s happy, it’s fun, it’s vibrant and it stands out.”

We checked out the latest must-have style at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour.

Cristina Dewindt: “We’re seeing yellow in everything from sunglasses to clothes to shoes to accessories.”

You don’t just have to pick one shade of yellow to shine bright this season.

Cristina Dewindt: “All ranges of yellow. It’s pastel yellows, bright yellows, fluorescent yellows, even mustard, so darker yellows as well.”

There’s no limit to how this fashion trend can be worn.

Cristina Dewindt: “Depending on how bold you feel like being, you can incorporate just a little bit.”

Like Alicia Keys, Mandy Moore and Oprah did.


Cristina Dewindt: “You can go crazy and go all head-to-toe yellow. It’s all acceptable.”

A la Heidi Klum and Rihanna.

Whether it’s day to night, casual or glamourous…

Cristina Dewindt: “Celebrities are loving it because it can help them stand out on stage or on a red carpet.”

And it’s not just about the ladies.

Justin Timberlake and Harry Styles are also sporting the look.

Cristina Dewindt: “Men are also loving the trend because it’s a great bright color. It’s easy to pair with navy blue or black or brown. It’s a neutral. It’s not necessarily an overly feminine color.”

If you’re not sure about settling on solid yellow…

Cristina Dewindt: “It doesn’t need to just be the entire outfit being yellow. It could just be a little bit in your pattern.”

Take a page out of my book and go for stripes or feel a little more feminine in florals like Reese Witherspoon.

The point is yellow isn’t just stylish.

Cristina Dewindt: “It makes you feel light, it makes you feel fresh and it definitely just makes you shine in whatever atmosphere you’re in.”


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