Elton John biopic ‘Rocketman’ takes intimate look at genius behind the music

This weekend, a mega hit is blasting off in theaters. “Rocketman” is the story of a small-town boy with a traumatic childhood — and how he becomes a musical icon. Deco went to London to talk with the stars.

Music. Emotion. And the real-life drama of a legend.

“Rocketman is the story of Elton John’s rise to success — from a heartbreaking childhood, a shy piano prodigy, to an international superstar.

Taron Egerton: “I don’t say it never felt like hard work, because it was hard work, but I enjoyed it all so much that I didn’t mind.”

Taron Egerton transforms into Elton John, and no, he does not lip sync.

Lynn Martinez: “What was your most challenging Elton song to sing?”

Taron Egerton: “Some, because of their cultural significance, you feel there’s a weight of responsibility. Some, for example, they just require a grit and a gravel in your voice, because they’re rock numbers. I wasn’t really a rock singer before this. I did bits of ballads.”

Elton is different in every way.

Taron Egerton (as Elton John): “It’s like my fingers can’t work fast enough to keep up with my brain.”

He’s a genius, but his family is messed up.

Charlie Rowe (as Ray Williams) : “What did you say your name was again?”

Taron Egerton (as Elton John): “My name is…”

Bryce Dallas Howard (as Sheila): “Reggie!”

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Elton’s emotionally damaging mom.

Bryce Dallas Howard (as Sheila): “I just hope you realize you’re choosing a life of being alone forever.”

Lynn Martinez: “You’re a mom.”

Bryce Dallas Howard: “Yes.”

Lynn Martinez: “What did you have to do to tap into that wicked part?”

Bryce Dallas Howard: “I think there was something really wrong, like a personality disorder, something.”

Lynn Martinez: “So you had to tap into that.”

Bryce Dallas Howard: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, in order to — because it’s so heartbreaking. She was someone who was very unhappy and vindictive and angry and hated Elton’s father.”

Lynn Martinez: “Can you believe he turned out as well as he did with a mom like that?”

Bryce Dallas Howard: “I know.”

Elton has another toxic relationship.

Richard Madden plays Elton’s lover, turned manager.

Richard Madden: “I quit like being a bit more of a bad guy.”

Lynn Martinez: “Because in the beginning he’s very lovable, I found. I thought, ‘He’s cool, nice.'”

Richard Madden: “Well, that’s what Elton thought as well, obviously, and that’s the thing. They fell in love. This whole thing started in a place of love and then, obviously, transmits into something worse.”

But despite the trauma, abuse and drugs, the movie shows Elton John as the pioneer he was — pushing boundaries on all fronts.

Taron Egerton: “I would love for people to recognize the importance of allowing their children to be their authentic selves, regardless of who they are attracted to.”


Taron Egerton: “I would like people to have a bloody good time.”

That is a guarantee.

“Rocketman” lands in theaters on Friday, May 31.

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