Elle Fanning talks following your dreams in ‘Leap’

Elle Fanning’s been super successful following in the footsteps of her big sister — Dakota Fanning. She’s doing movies left and right. Her latest is an animated movie set in 19th century France. Elle sat down with Deco to tell us all about “Leap!”

Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars.

That’s the message behind the new animated film “Leap!”

Elle Fanning: “It’s a really inspiring story about courage and art — it’s very creative and so beautiful.”

Elle Fanning voices the main character, Felicie, an orphan in France who has big dreams along with her friend Victor, voiced by Nat Wolff.

Elle Fanning: “She wants to be a ballerina, and she wants to dance in the Paris Opera Ballet School, and he dreams of being an inventor. Together they hatch this plan to escape the orphanage. Crazy antics happen along the way.”

Antics, huh? Yeah, that includes Felicie pretending to be a different kid. I believe that’s called identity theft.

What say you, Elle?!

Elle Fanning: “Maybe it’s not the best, but it shows her bravery. She’s really willing to do anything and risk it all.”

All right, we’re willing to let it slide.

Since Felicie takes such a leap of faith, we wanted to know what Elle’s leap was in real life.

Elle Fanning: “I was born in Georgia, my whole family’s from Georgia. We moved to L.A. for my sister to start acting and see if that would work out, and that was a huge leap of faith.”

It sure seems like it’s working out.

Will Felicie have the same fate?

Elle Fanning: “If you don’t try, then you don’t know if you’ll succeed or not.”

“Leap!” is in theaters now.

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