Eleventh House party at Mama Tried invites you to find your fortune

What does the future hold? It’s a question we all want to know. Shireen, for example, wants shoes, shoes and more shoes, in that order. Good luck charm Alex Miranda is here to tell us about a new way to find our good fortunes.

I’m seeing something! It’s, it’s … Louboutins! for Lynn and Shireen! And a Birkin!

Going to a psychic usually means walking into a dark room and discussing your deepest, darkest secrets. Now a new party will let you find your fortune … at the end of a bar. No buzz required.

Mama Tried in downtown Miami is a great place to grab a drink and shoot some pool … but now there’s something else in the cards.

Jess Swanson, Eleventh House: “We just kind of tell people to have an open mind.”

Eleventh House is a spiritual party where you can meet a real-life Miami mystic.

Jess Swanson: “For a really long time, we felt that Miami’s community of mystics has kind of been pushed into the shadows, and it had such a stigma to it, and we wanted to present it to locals in a very accessible and fun way. We basically invite four or five readers to sit, and they can give readings, your tarot readings where you can ask a question, or they can just do a broad look at your future.”

Tarot card reader: “First we have past, present, future, and then we have the energy we’re working with.”

You can also find your fortune in the stars.

Jess Swanson: “We have astrologers who look at your birth chart, so using the exact time you were born, they can reveal insights into maybe what transits are going on that can be affecting you.”

Jess Swanson: “What is your birthday?”

When someone asks you “What’s your sign,” it’s not a pickup line.

Jess Swanson: “Everyone who comes in is gifted with a name tag that says their sun, moon and rising sign on it.”

If a one-on-one reading is too intense, you can phone it in.

Jess Swanson: “Tonight we’re launching Psychic Hotline.”

Customer 1: “My question is, what can I expect for this weekend?”

Jess Swanson: “We have a mystic on the West Coast who will be doing one card reading. You can ask her one question for $5.”

Customer 1: “I’ve actually never done that. I’ve always seen the commercials to kind of like call a psychic, and I was like, ‘I don’t know.’ It was cool.”

So even if you don’t find your fortune, a fun night out is definitely in your future.

Customer 2: “I’ve had many readings in the past. She was amazing, very intuitive. Everything that she said resonated.”

Eleventh House at Mama Tried takes place Thursday night starting at 7 p.m. The cost of a reading goes from $5 to $20.

Eleventh House party at Mama Tried
207 NE 1st St.
Miami, FL 33132

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