A popular eyewear retailer based in South Florida can see the future. They must be wearing some really good glasses to see the future. Deco’s sight for sore eyes, Chris Van Vliet, is here to explain.

Edward Beiner is using new technology to make shopping for glasses easier and more interactive.

With Edward Beiner at Mary Brickell Village, the future is now.

Edward Beiner, designer: “Here’s an opportunity to take a product that’s been done traditionally the same way for hundreds of years, and now we’re using 21st century technology to make a pair of glasses.”

Feast your eyes on the Virtual Eyewear Assistant.

Edward Beiner: “We’re the first ones in the United States to have the Virtual Eyewear Assistant. It’s a facial recognition technology.”

It captures 500,000 points on your face to create an image of your face.

We’re seeing double!

It’s like a much less creepy version of the Hall of Faces from “Game of Thrones.”

Edward Beiner: ‘The information is then passed onto the computer. The computer, based on your face shape, will then pick approximately 20 or 30 frame shapes that will fit your face.”

You have tons of options to customize the glasses the way you like it.

After that’s all done…

Edward Beiner: “Within two or three days, the glasses are done. They’re totally customized to you.”

But does it work?

Edward Beiner: “It takes away a lot of the guessing work. You depend less on somebody else’s judgment of what you think is right, and it allows you to see what you look like through the images in the computer.”

Maikel Millo, customer: “I’ve never actually seen the technology to capture my face before. It was interesting. It took a little while to get, but it was definitely cool that it recommended the frames for me.”

Edward Beiner: “There’s no one in the industry doing this.”

Except for Edward Beiner, of course…

Those glasses using the new technology cost anywhere from $280 to $390.


Edward Beiner at Mary Brickell Village
900 S Miami Ave. #172
Miami, FL 33130

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