Edible Cocktails at Duffy’s Sports Grill

We’re used to drink deals where you get two for one, but not two in one! We found a spot that’s changing up the bar scene. Here, you can grab a bite with your drink, on your drink and in your drink.

Duffy’s Sports Grill has the perfect menu items for folks who are hungry and thirsty. Drinks garnished with a snack.

Kyle Fenwick: “These drinks are very cool. They have an edible aspect to the cocktail, which not a lot of places have.”

Deco headed to Duffy’s in North Miami to check out these drinks that are doing double duty.

Kyle Fenwick: “We have been known for our cheeseburgers. At Duffy’s we believe in quality, so now we have the Duffy cheeseburger on top of our Bloody Mary.”

And, the Bloody Mary Brat mixes Jägermeister into your Bloody Mary, and it’s topped with a beer-infused bratwurst.

Kyle Fenwick: “It’s just something different, and people are loving it.”

The Gummy Bear Martini and the Gummy Bear Mojito come with a sweet twist.

Kyle Fenwick: “The gummy bears absorb the alcohol. And the best part of that is eating them after your martini. Enjoying a gummy bear at the end couldn’t be any better.”

This edible addition keeps the buzz going.

Lien Bui: “I love gummy bears. I think I would order the drink just to get it. Get the gummy bear; it’s a good touch. Tastes like a gummy bear, too.”

And if you like your drinks even sweeter, go for the Cotton Candy Cosmo.

Kyle Fenwick: “It’s served with Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka and a little bit of cranberry lime juice, and on the side you get cotton candy. You can eat or put in your drink.”

The cosmo is fun to play with … and to drink.

Kyle Fenwick: “The cotton candy is served in a separate martini glass. The idea is for the table to be interactive. We encourage them to put the cotton candy in the martini. It changes the color and flavor profile. And it makes for a great drink.”

The drinks at Duffy’s taste great and are surprisingly filling.


Duffy’s Sports Grill of North Miami Beach
3969 N.E. 163rd St.
North Miami Beach, FL 33160
(305) 760-2124

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