Eddie Redmayne says warmth at the center of ‘Early Man’

Some people are always living in the past … especially cavemen. In “Early Man,” some prehistoric people are getting dragged out of the Stone Age kicking and screaming.

Eddie Redmayne (as Dug): “If we play this game and beat them at it, we can have our valley back. Yay.”

In “Early Man,” Eddie Redmayne is the voice of Dug, a young caveman determined to save his tribe and their home from invaders.

Eddie told Deco he wasn’t sure he was right for the role.

Eddie Redmayne: “Because people think you sound one way and they sort of relate that to when you’re actually acting with your body there on-screen as well, and then when they actually just hear you open your mouth, they realize that they perhaps got it wrong.”

Eddie needn’t have worried. He filled the character with a ton of adolescent energy.

Eddie Redmayne: “As you can see, he’s got like massive eyes and he’s super eager and keen, so I just tried to find as much enthusiasm as I possibly could.”

Dug needs all that energy. Before his people can win the soccer match, he has to teach them the rules of the game.

Working on “Early Man” was something Eddie dug big-time.

Eddie Redmayne: “You literally get to stand in front of a microphone and try thousands of different voices, do hundreds of different takes, physicalize it as much as you want.”

Joining Eddie in this journey through the past is Tom Hiddleston as the Evil Lord Nooth.

Tom Hiddleston: “He’s a vain, self-important, puffed-up governor. He has designs on enslaving Dug’s tribe to work in the mines.”

“Game of Thrones” Maisie Williams plays Goona.

She helps Dug get his people ready for the big game.

Maisie Williams: “Dug has found himself in a sticky situation. Goona’s adamant that she’s gonna help.

Eddie thinks the film is well worth watching.

Eddie Redmayne: “It has warmth, it has a lack of cynicism, it has joy.”

“Early Man” has one more thing going for it.

Eddie Redmayne: “And massive bad teeth, which we specialize in Britain.”

Early Man stomps into theaters Friday.

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