EazyO app lets you order food on the beach

(WSVN) - We love to eat — at all hours of the day. At home, at work, even at the beach. But lugging food to the beach can be a real drag. Well, now, all you need is your phone. Thanks to technology, you can order an app — using an app.

Spending a day at the beach is one of the perks of living in South Florida,

Beachgoer: “I’m kinda hungry. Can we order something?

Now ordering food on the sand just got a little easier, thanks to EazyO.

Brett Benza, EazyO: “It’s a way to facilitate food and beverage service on big geographic locations like pools and beaches, and order from your beach chair.”

EazyO is an app that connects customers with big resorts.

Deco hit the Fontainebleau on Miami Beach and got the delicious details.

Brett Benza: “They get geo-located at the beach they’re currently residing at. We deliver them a menu through the app, they’re able to look through the order, pick the items they want and then allow them to pin themselves in a very Uber-esque fashion.”

Founder Brett Benza developed an appetite for innovation when he tried to order lunch.

Brett Benza: “I’ve been to a ton of beach resorts and have waited to try to flag down a server, and it becomes a challenge. So after years of frustration I said, ‘There’s gotta be a better way to do this.'”

The app lets you browse menus, place your order and pay — all through the app. Best of all, using the app is free — with no additional service charge.

Brett Benza: “Everything is done through mobile payments. It goes right into the kitchen, and the workflow is the same if the server were to come and take that order.”

Customer: “I think it was amazing. It was so easy and quick. I just opened my phone, ordered and that’s it, done.”

So if all that lounging around on the beach is making you hungry, EazyO could make ordering a little more appetizing.


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