Miami Spice is in full swing and everyone is rushing to try new and exciting tasting menus — for a lower cost. But we found a place that’s not on the Spice list that’s also doing a tasting menu. This one is a bit different though, and all they ask is that you arrive with at least one other person — and that you’re really, really hungry.

While restaurants all over Miami are busy with Miami Spice, Eating House in Coral Gables has a slightly different approach.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “We’ve never really done Miami Spice here at Eating House, it’s always been kinda underground and doing our own thing.”

Every August and September — as an answer to Spice — Eating House does a munchies menu.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “It’s a sharing concept, so you get a little bit of everything, so the entire table orders the menu together at the end of the day, you get a nice hearty portion, good amount of food.”

For $42 a person — you and your buddies get seven dishes … starting with an old fave.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “We’ve got cold pizza, which is a take on cold pizza. Everybody is always eating it out of the fridge or the oven the next day, so it’s focaccia with stracciatella, and charred tomatoes.”

That’s chef speak for — “go ahead, take a bite.”

Adam Effertz: “You mention cold pizza, it doesn’t sound that inviting, but it was so awesome.”

And you’re just getting started.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “Then we go into peanut butter and jelly poutine, which was a big hit last year’s event. It’s sweet potato fries, peanuts and blueberry gastrique.”

Allana Faustin: “It was amazing, everything was great. I’m not a fan of peanut butter, and I ate peanut butter and it was fantastic.”

Leave room for dish three — nachos with black truffle queso and short rib.

Followed by duck wings — Buffalo style.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “We’re doing it with pickled carrot and buttermilk.”

Adam Effertz: “That’s something I haven’t had before. I mean I’ve had duck, but not duck wings served like that.”

Next — dish five.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “General TSO’s chicken and waffles. Kinda like a take on the chicken and waffles we always do here, but its got a nice Asian approach, it’s got scallions and sriracha, and all this cool stuff.”

Jessy Schuster: “I love how the first starter the cold pizza, was very refreshing and then little by little you go into something heavier and the waffle and chicken was delicious. I loved it.”

And — they’re not through with you yet. Up ahead — something sweet.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “Going into what I think people love here on Sundays, which is the Captain Crunch pancakes.”

Pancakes drenched in condensed milk.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “End up with the brownie sundae with banana caramel and locally roasted chocolate.”

Well — now you know. When going to Eating House — I hope you have the munchies.


Eating House Miami
804 Ponce De Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 448-6524

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