Eat your food and snap pics of it too with the help of an Instagram Butler at Cleo in Miami Beach

Well, the problem with looking at food pictures on Instagram is you get “hangry.” The other problem is trying to figure out how those bloggers get everything to look so perfect and mouthwatering. Deco found a spot that has the answers.

In the age of social media, standing out can be tough.

But one restaurant is south beach has the perfect solution to up your Instagram game.

Meet Cleo’s Instagram Butler.

Castiana Johnson, Cleo: “Our Instagram Butler goes to the tables and gives our guests a filter light and shows them the best angles to photograph our food, the best lighting.”

Every foodie knows getting that picture perfect shot can be hard work, especially if the light’s not on your side, and Cleo quickly noticed their customers were having a tough time.

Castiana Johnson: “We have dark lighting, so the pictures in our restaurant especially were coming out very dark. Even when guests were taking it with flashes or taking it with their camera lights, they weren’t coming out as ideal as they could.”

Don’t be shy about asking for help.

The restaurant’s team will come to you if they see you struggling.

The Instagram Butler’s weapon of choice?

LED ring lights that can be attached to your phone in seconds, and they come with multiple settings to help you get a shot that will have everyone double-tapping.

Don’t wanna get attached?

You can also hold them in your hand and move them around as necessary.

Daniela Pachon, customer: “As soon as they added the clip-on, it made such a big difference. You could see the food perfectly. The colors were way more bright.”

Need more proof?

These results speak for themselves.

Daniela Pachon: “You kind of look through social media feeds, and you’re like, ‘Wow! How did they get that color without the edits?’ And having the light really made it easier to brighten the picture instantaneously.”

Because at the end of the day, it’s all about the ‘gram.

Castiana Johnson: “We’re living in the age of social media where everybody wants to check up on each other, so our Instagram Butler just gives us the opportunity to take it to the next level.”


Cleo South Beach
1776 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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