If I say Whopper or Big Mac, most people know I’m talking about a burger with pickles, onions and lettuce on a sesame seed bun, but how about a burger topped with croquetas or blueberry cornbread? Hungry? Have we got a spot for you.

At 109 Burger Joint in Sweetwater, the crazier the combinations, the better the burger.

Jose Blanco, 109 Burger Joint: “109 Burger Joint is a local burger joint and craft beer bar that serves over the top and eclectic food that you can’t really find anywhere else.”

Here, over the top is the norm.

Jose Blanco: “My father and I are both chefs, and we like to experiment and mess around with different recipes and different combinations to put on our burgers.”

A burger is a blank canvas, and their creations are edible works of art.

Jose Blanco: “So, the Nica Burger is actually one of our most popular burgers. It has Nicaraguan fried cheese. It has a plantain patty.”

The Say Hello to My Little Burger is served on Cuban toast.

It’s got plantains, Swiss cheese, pork and croquetas.

Jose Blanco: “It’s almost like eating a Cuban sandwich, but we made it into a burger.”

The Buffalo Bleu has buffalo chicken tenders on a burger, and the BBQ Blues is topped with bacon, onion-jam, blueberry cornbread and blue cheese barbecue sauce on it.

Then, there’s the Mac Attack — loaded with mac and cheese.

Daniella Santos, customer: “When I come here, I know I am getting authentic food, and just like the flavors are always, like, it hits the spot.”

How about breakfast foods on your sandwich?

The Wake Up is topped with eggs, bacon and hash browns, and the Double O comes between two doughnuts.

Angie Santalo, customer: “I honestly think the different variety that they have of burgers here is awesome. Every time I come, I get something new, so that it’s something new and exciting that I can try.”

If you’re really hungry, there’s the Super 109.

The burger’s got fries, fried mozzarella, bacon, onion rings, a fried mac and cheese patty, more onion rings and guava sauce.

Jose Blanco: “It’s a sample of all the things that we could think of to put together to make something really crazy, really over the top. We like to experiment with different toppings and get as creative as we can.”


109 Burger Joint
646 SW 109th Ave.
Miami, FL 33174

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