Eat boatside at 2 SoFlo dock dining hot spots

Imagine a drive-thru, but for boats. You know, a spot where you could just pull up, you get your food served to you, and you don’t ever have to get off the boat! That probably doesn’t exist up in Canada, but it does here in the 305.

Hitting the high seas is one of the advantages of South Florida living — and some restaurants like Kiki on the River have the luxury of offering you dock dining. Just dock your boat and get served right there.

Spiros Assimakopoulos, general manager: “Sometimes guests find it more comfortable to be served on their boat than to come off.”

The restaurant aims to please. Basically, all you do is reserve a dock spot and pull up.

And when you do…

Spiros Assimakopoulos: We’re able to take care of them right on their yacht. You can pre-select your entrée choices, and we can have it ready for you once you arrive, or we can send a service team on the boat and you can order a la carte at the moment you come.”

From refreshing dishes like tomato and feta salad, to hearty meals like the lobster pasta, you can fill that appetite without ever having to leave your vessel.

Andrea Roca, customer: “Honestly, it’s awesome. I get to go on the boat with all my friends, we just come up here, make a reservation, they bring everything straight to us. We get to enjoy the ambiance of Kiki while never having to actually leave the boat.”

The boat party also continues at The Wharf, where Chef Adrienne Calvo’s food truck, Cracked, serves up plenty of goods.

Adrianne Calvo, chef: “If you’re on a boat, you may not want to open chips and dip, or you don’t want to grab any normal sandwich. Maybe you’re craving something extra delicious, so if you pull up here at The Wharf, you come to Cracked, you get one of our crazy, delicious sandwiches, or our fries, or our salads. We’ve got something for everybody.”

All you do is put in the order once you’re hungry, and Chef Adrienne will work her magic. Her team will then run the food out to you.

Adrianne Calvo: “These are dishes that you’d get in any upscale chef restaurant. You just get ’em in a food truck at The Wharf, and it’s super convenient.”

Again, you don’t ever have to leave the boat, which of course is the point of boating — isn’t it?

Customer: “You get the boat for a reason. You don’t want to leave it!”

Now that’s how you conquer the dog days of summer!


Kiki on the River
450 NW North River Dr.
Miami, FL 33128
(786) 502-3243

The Wharf Miami
114 SW North River Dr.
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 906-4000

The Advantaged
1800 Purdy Avenue, Marina Suite 3B
Miami Beach, 33139
(305) 358-0745

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