Sometimes you just want to sit down and enjoy a nice, quiet dinner. Other times, it’s more like, Que no pare la fiesta, don’t stop the party.

And if you’re in the mood for a good time with big bites all the way from Mexico, Deco’s checking out a new spot that’s bringing a party to your mouth.

You don’t have to go far to find the fiesta right here in So-Flo.

Whiskylucan on Calle Ocho in Miami is bringing the flavors of Mexico to the 305.

John Pineros: “Whiskylucan was pretty much born in 2019 in Mexico, and what we’re trying to do out here, moving out to Miami, is just sharing experience about Mexico.”

That means…

John Pineros: “It’s not just about the food. It’s about the energy and it’s about the moment. When you come here, we treat you as a family.”

This place has it all.

From the tried and true favorites like chips and guac and quesadillas, to more traditional dishes like sope, the queso fundido, and the deep-fried flautas.

This one’s toped with cheese and lettuce and comes filled with mashed potatoes and your choice of protein. Now that’s a mouthful.

Valentina Daugela: “I had the flauntas. I loved the sauce, I loved the lettuce, I just love it. The queso was fire. It was a little bit spicy but not too much. I would definitely recommend it.”

And when it comes to tacos…

John Pineros: “If you think you have tried tacos before in Miami, you have to come and try our tacos at Whiskylucan.”

There’s one thing that waves above the rest here…

John Pineros: “Baha taco, it’s basically a flour tortilla with breaded fish, in this case it’ll be red snapper, and it has pico de gallo and romaine lettuce on top with sour cream.

Ramiro Finol: “The fish tacos were amazing. Whiskylucan is definitely the best Mexican experience I’ve had in Miami by far.”

Oh, and remember when we said this place knows how to bring the party?

John Pineros: “Most popular, shareable tray that we got is a guitarra, a guitar, which comes with 10 shots.”

The guitar is perfect for groups, because you can customize it any way you want.

Valentina Daugela: “It was so much fun when they brought the guitar. I love the maracas, the presentation, the sparkles. “

Ramiro Finol: “Everybody was hyped up, everybody was riled up and they were ready to get some shots in.”

1225 SW 8th St
Miami, FL 33135

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