Dwyane Wade hailed as fashion trendsetter as NBA career nears end

MIAMI (WSVN) - Dwyane Wade isn’t just a baller on the court. He is also a major fashion icon, and as the 305 gets ready to bid him farewell, his style will forever be a part of South Florida.

Wade’s talents expand above the rim and off the court. When it comes to fashion and flair, he is considered by many to be a guru.

His teammates count themselves among the admirers of Wade’s couture insight.

“Fashion’s so big in his life, he’s becoming a fashion icon,” said Miami Heat forward Josh Richardson, “so there should a lot of attention on it.”

“It’s in D.Wade’s blood. It really is,” said Heat Hall of Famer Alonzo Mourning. “Extremely stylish, and it’s a unique style, so it fits him perfectly. I couldn’t rock his style.”

While the game of basketball has evolved, so has the hoops’ haberdashery.

“Someone set a bar before me. I try to reach that bar, and I try to jump over that bar,” said Wade, “and that’s that you want for the next generation. I want somebody to reach it, and I want somebody to jump over it. If we continue to do that, the world will continue to be a better place.”

Realizing the game of basketball is just a tool and a platform, Wade has made it his mission to turn his basketball popularity into a business.

“I get inspiration from other people. Mostly it will come just from you,” he said. “Inspiration comes from other things, other people, other places, so if I can be an inspiration for someone, I’m happy to be that.”

Wade, known to be a risk taker where style is concerned, is certainly true to himself while also inspiring others — clearly making the 13-time All-Star and three-time NBA champion a trendsetter.

“It’s cool to be a part of, at the forefront of fashion and actually be able to be accepted into the fashion space,” he said. “It’s been cool to be one of the persons to take a lot of risks, take the hits for everybody now. Everybody can do what they want now because of guys like myself.”

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