John Krasinski is back not only with “Some Good News,” but some really good news! It’s a Christmas miracle! Deco’s human Christmas tree ornament, Alex Miranda, is here with more.

Well, for this special, festive episode of John’s popular YouTube show, he’s brought along a friend — Dwanta Claus! As in, Dwayne Johnson.

And the costume is for the kids, girls, so don’t get any ideas.

John Krasinski: “It’s time for some good news.”

John Krasinski coming through on that promise!

John Krasinski: “Ladies and gentleman, Dwanta Claus! Oh, my God! What’s up, Rock?!”

The “A Quiet Place” star Zooming with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, George Clooney and Justin Timberlake on the latest edition of his YouTube series, “Some Good News!”

John Krasinski: “How’s it looking out there?”

George Clooney: “Looks… pretty good.”

But it was Dwayne Johnson who stole the show, dressing up for the occasion and saving Christmas for one deserving family.

Dwayne Johnson: “My man Jay!”

Jay Abel: “What’s going on?!”

The Rock surprised Jay Abel, a widower with two kids, struggling to find work during the pandemic.

Jay Abel: “In two days, I believe, it’ll be three years since we lost their mother and my wife.”

The fan tweeted Dwayne earlier this month, asking for a Christmas miracle after selling off his cherished comic book memorabilia to help pay for his kids’ presents.

Dwayne Johnson: “Dwanta Claus is going to take care of all of that stuff, man!”

Jay Abel: “Thank you! Oh, my God, are you kidding me?!”

But the megastar wasn’t done yet! He gifted Dad a trip to Hollywood, and a one-of-a-kind memento from the set of his upcoming anti-hero movie, “Black Adam.”

Dwayne Johnson: “I’m going to take my script, my official script, the one that I will work on, and I’m going to sign it to you, and that’s your gift.”

Jay Abel: “Oh, my… Dude, no way!”

Dwayne also announced a $5 million donation to Toys For Tots inspired by Jay, so many more kids can have a special Christmas this year.

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