Have you ever gone to a restaurant and loved a dish so much, you wanted to try and make it at home, then you realize you can’t get the exact ingredients at the grocery store? Problem solved. Deco hit up some restaurants who are serving their signature dishes — and selling what you need to make ’em.

Dutchy’s Gourmet Sausages is serving a taste of South Africa to Plantation.

Natasha De Wet, Dutchy’s Gourmet Sausages: “Dutchy’s Gourmet Sausages is an authentic South African store.”

They’re doing double duty, cooking up traditional South African eats and selling the ingredients so you can chef it up at home.

Natasha De Wet: “We want to bring the experience to the customer, introduce them to the great foods, how it’s made, and show them that they can take it home and do it all over again.”

The South African sausages, spices and drinks are the real deal.

Jan Koekemoer, customer: “It is really amazing. I actually buy it to take some back to my dad in South Africa. That is how authentic and good they are.”

Natasha De Wet: “Some of the great things you can find here and nowhere else is our Biltong Platter, which is served with biltong and dry sausage that we make here ourselves, including all the trimmings with it.”

Since you know the ingredients are legit, all you have to do is recreate your meal. Easy peasy.

Tyla Chalmers, customer: “I think it’s awesome that you can sit and eat, and then you can come in and buy the exact ingredients and make it at home. It’s quick and easy.”

Spaghetto in Davie will have you saying “mama mia” to their fresh pasta.

Fabio Cragnotti, Spaghetto: “Spaghetto is a factory, it’s a store, and it’s a restaurant.”

The pasta is fresh from the machine to your mouth.

Since they’re selling it, why not try cooking it?

Fabio Cragnotti: “We are giving the opportunity to people to buy a real fresh homemade pasta, bring to home, and in a few minutes, they can have an authentic Italian recipe on their tables.”

There are all types of pastas and sauces. If it’s on the menu, buy it and make it.

Joelle Abraham, customer: “The concept is definitely different, because not every day do you feel like coming out to a restaurant. Sometimes you want to sit home and enjoy with your family.”

Plus, there’s another benefit.

Val Francisco, customer: “The dish I ate, I could actually replicate it at home because I bought the ingredients here, and try to convince my friends that I cooked it myself, so shhh.”

Dutchy’s Gourmet Sausages
401 South State Road 7
Plantation, FL 33317

4350 Oakes Road
Davie, FL 33314

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