Ahh, Jamaica, a land of gentle ocean breezes, luxurious beaches and lush plant life. Yes, excellent plants.

But the island is also known for delicious food!

We’re talking jerk chicken and jerk pork cooked on the grill.

Deco found a spot to get a taste of the Caribbean right here in Miami.

Shrusan Gray: “Dukunoo is a restaurant lounge right in the heart of Wynwood. Dukunoo means ‘sweet thing.’

The sweet thing about this place is they take your tastebuds to the island of Jamaica.

Shrusan Gray: “We want it to be as authentic as possible, and we wanted to do that by having an outdoor jerk grill. We’re going to bring people authentic jerk chicken, jerk pork. It’s slow jerked for, like, a few hours first, and then seasoned again with jerk sauce and then jerked again. All those flavors just get incorporated in it.”

Now if jerk chicken or jerk pork doesn’t do it for you, there’s another mouth-watering option you can nibble on.

Shrusan Gray: “The jerk rib was really our idea of incorporating American culture barbecue with a Jamaican flavor. It’s one of our most popular items on the menu

Kayan Johnson: “Being from out of town, this is something I have never really experienced. It’s been great.”

Dukunoo’s food is so finger-lickin’ good, celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson gave them his seal of approval. He’s featuring them in his documentary “You Have To Taste This.”

Chef Marcus Samuelsson: “I just could not be more proud. To be able to highlight them and spotlight them is something that I love to do.

Shrusan Gray: “Marcus Samuelsson being here was an amazing, just you know an amazing experience, not only, but just a good tell of the fact that we were doing something right.

Their customers couldn’t agree more.

Kayan Johnson: “It’s like a lounge, you come here, sit back, you also have a party atmosphere as well, and you get to enjoy great food, too.

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