Drunk in love? Pairing beer with ice cream is now a thing and Deco’s gushing over it

How about a little ice cream with your beer? Sounds interesting, right? Pairing a tall cold one with a sweet tasty scoop might not sound like the best idea, but a bar in the 954 is doing just that — and the mix is a match made in foodie heaven.

At Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park, you can beat the heat and please your taste buds in a way that might sound strange.

Mitch Wilkison, digital content coordinator, Funky Buddha Brewery: “Beer and ice cream — what’s there not to love?”

That’s a reasonable question the bar will answer at a tasting next Wednesday.

Mitch Wilkison: “We’ve done a lot of pairing events in the past, and we’ve always wanted to do an ice cream and beer, so we had to make it happen.”

Coming up with an off-the-wall event like this is one thing.

Making it work means finding a partner equally inspired.

Mitch Wilkison: “The dudes over at Wilton Creamery, they’re known for doing a lot of crazy exotic ice creams as well, so we thought they’d make a great pair for the event.”

The first thing they did at Funky was find the right product for the project.

Mitch Wilkison: “Some really good, like delectable beers you know, sweeter ones that could complement the ice creams.”

For the creamery, this was an offer they couldn’t refuse.

D.J. Colby, chef: “I love working with local businesses, and I love making things you can’t get everywhere.”

Once the partnership was formed, it didn’t take long to get things underway.

D.J. Colby: “I only have a finite amount of ice creams, and they have a finite amount of beers.”

A crucial formula was used to make sure each pairing rocked.

D.J. Colby: “So sometimes you want to highlight the strength of the ice cream, and sometimes you want to highlight the strength of the beer.”

The folks at Funky worked hard to make sure they presented both items in the best way possible.

Mitch Wilkison: “We’re gonna have the ice cream on the side where you can take a scoop and then try the beer after, and then we’re also gonna be doing ice cream floats as well.”

Five beers will be paired with five ice cream flavors.

Don’t blow this off — you’ll be missing something special.

D.J. Colby: “Three of my ice creams are seasonal, and they’ll be done at the end of the month. And four of their beers are seasonal, and will be done at the end of the month.”

Erica, customer: “My beer was a chocolate coconut beer. It went with the coconut ice cream. Great collaboration. It’s like an Almond Joy, so good.”

Tickets are going fast for the beer and ice cream tasting. For more information, head to the link below.


Funky Buddha Brewery
1201 NE 38th St.
Oakland Park, FL 33334
(954) 440-0046

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