Drink your entertainment at Joe & The Juice

There are juice bars all over SoFlo, right? But you ain’t seen nothing like Joe & The Juice. At this new spot on Collins Avenue, drink in some entertainment with your beverage.

Ibrahim Adam Mansaray, manager: “We are not like everybody else, we do stuff in our own way.”

Uh yeah, you can say that again. Joe & the Juice on South Beach is bringing something extra to the juice bar scene.

Ibrahim Adam Mansaray: “It’s just when we feel for it, we’ll do a little trick. That was the first thing — flip the cup, grab it, and it looks cool for the girls. And then people would start taking it up to the next level. Started pouring up the juice on their arms.”

On their arms, forehead, even behind the back. And with the music cranked up to 11, the atmosphere at this place is like no other.

Rasa Sophia, customer: “It just, like, lifts up your heart and your spirit and you wanna just be happy. It’s like joy, joy, happy, happy.”

Victoria Golub, customer: “I love positivity and energy, and here, there are a lot of creative people.”

Hailing from Denmark, this is Joe & The Juice’s first spot in Miami. And aside from the tricks and choreographed chaos, they’re all about nutrition.

Ibrahim Adam Mansaray: “There’s a lot of people here who are thinking about what they’re eating, consuming, and I think our concept is perfect for this place.”

While they’ve got your morning cup of Joe covered with their own organic coffee…

Ibrahim Adam Mansaray: “The more dark roasted bean for our machine, intense espresso, more aroma to it. And then we have a lighter roasted bean, which is good for our drip coffee and cold brew.”

The juices are the main attraction, with juice options even tailored for specific times of the day.

Ibrahim Adam Mansaray: “We have morning juices, midday juices and afternoon juices. We want to combine the vitamins and nutrients together to make the best juice for you 19:47:37

Rasa Sophia: “What I like here is it definitely is healthy. You feel good after.”

And though a show like this won’t always accompany your order, Joe & The Juice will prove that customer service isn’t dead after all — and that’s worth drinking to.

Rasa Sophia: “I love all the crew. Everytime I come, they remember your name.”

Customer: “You just walk in and it’s like, ‘I’m in a party, and it’s in my body’ and this is like my life and it’s cool.”

Expect to see a lot more of Joe & The Juice around the 305. They’re planning on opening nine more stores over the next nine months.


Joe & The Juice
1600 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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