It’s new. It’s shiny. It’s bright but even still there’s plenty of room for error. After all you are one of a roomful of people trying the place for the first time. So many things can go wrong but at Driftwood Room nothing does. Maybe that’s because celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli is at the helm. She’s fresh off a weekend at the New York City Wine and Food Festival and a morning stop on Live with Kelley and Michael but she’s here and she’s getting it right. Her whole staff is getting it right.

The service at Driftwood Room is impeccable. Our waiter was super knowledgeable on everything we ordered. Answering questions suggesting the chef’s signature dishes, which we ordered, including the chicken. I know right ordering chicken at a restaurant. I eat chicken at home all the time but when a waiter says it’s good it must be good and it was GREAT. The Brick Pressed Ashley Farms Half-Chicken ($24) is crispy on the outside nice and moist inside served with a whole grain mustard sauce that compliments it beautifully. The Lemon Fish Crudo ($13) with pequillo peppers, tomatoes and basil is just beautiful. It looks like a Christmas wreath on your plate and it tastes as good as it looks. The Whole Roasted Cauliflower ($11) is perfect for sharing. But I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t share: the Heirloom Carrot Fries served with a spiced Greek yogurt. Never knew carrots could taste sooooooo good!!!!!!!

The space is beautiful and the food is amazing. While Chef Alex serves as a judge on Food Network’s Chopped and runs things at New York City’s Butter restaurant Chef de Cuisine Lucas Marino will step up to the plate. So don’t worry while the Iron Chef is away we can all still play at Driftwood Room.

Belkys Best Bite: Heirloom Carrot Fries

Driftwood Room
Nautilus South Beach
1825 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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