Drew McIntyre talks about winning WWE Championship at Wrestlemania

A ring and a belt — Shireen loves accessories — but this isn’t a Style Files story. WWE Champ Drew McIntyre is showing off the belt he won in a ring, and he’s telling Deco about the extremely surreal experience.

Commentator: “Drew McIntyre’s going to Wrestlemania!”

Ah, the good old days when we were allowed to go to sporting events.

Since then, star of Monday Night Raw Drew McIntyre went from a title contender to…

Commentator: “He is the WWE Champion!”

The champ is here, and he dished with Deco today about his prized possession — that WWE Championship belt.

Drew McIntyre: “I wear it as a belt to hold up my pants — drives my wife crazy. I try to go to the store with it, but she won’t let me.”

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone in some way, Drew included.

He was supposed to have his big championship win — the absolute peak of his career — at Wrestlemania at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

Drew McIntyre: “Eighty thousand people would’ve been screaming. In fact, it was no people there at all in the performance center.”

WWE held the major event at the company’s empty training facility in Orlando, but Drew still managed to make his big moment special.

Drew McIntyre: “I found that floor camera on the side of the ring that we’re not supposed to look into. It’s called breaking the fourth wall. You don’t see it in movies, and I looked into the camera, and I said, ‘Thank you, thank you to everyone for believing in me.’ That was my Wrestlemania moment, and that was bigger than anything that could’ve happened in that Raymond James Stadium.”

Those are some positive vibes right there.

Commentator: “Ooooooh! A Claymore from McIntyre!”

He’s the face of the company right now in a difficult time when people are looking for entertainment as an escape.

The champ says he doesn’t feel pressure from that, though.

Drew McIntyre: “I think the key right now is what WWE always does, and what I always try to do, we’re trying to innovate and adapt.”

One way of doing that is to shake the rosters up.

Drew is the champion over on Raw while Smackdown airs right here on 7, but there’s a new rule that allows superstars to show up on whatever show they want, so might we see Drew grace us with his presence tonight?

Drew McIntyre: “Never say never in the WWE, but I’ve got a feeling if it doesn’t happen tonight, it’ll definitely happen at some point.”

WWE Friday Night Smackdown is coming your way right after Deco, so keep it right here on Channel 7.

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