Dream Closet

Discovering Lakzya — a place where you can rent high-end couture to keep up with your glamorous lifestyle. And yes, you’re gonna wanna post that outfit.

I had a complete break-down last Monday while shooting my #ootd picture. It was hot out, my dress was too tight and I just felt bad about myself. I chalked it up to the beginning of the week, but I knew it was more than that.

Over the weekend, I had been sick in bed suffering a CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) flare up. It loves rearing its ugly head when I’m stressed-out or if I’ve exercised too much. In this case, I had done BOTH, so now, I was paying the price.

Normally, a few days off from my busy life would be a nice respite, but nerve discomfort doesn’t really work like that. You have to rest, take meds, but keep the mind busy, so you’re not thinking about the pain. During my episodes, I spend a lot of time watching television, shopping online and of course, looking at social media. Ahhhh, social media. It’s a blessing and a curse. Last week, it was the latter.

IG was killing me — all those intriguing vacations, perfect romantic relationships, challenging work-outs, sculpted bodies, amazing parties and perfectly posed bloggers. I closed my eyes and wished the images away, but they penetrated my psyche. Eventually, I drifted off into an uncomfortable sleep of not feeling good enough.

A few days later, after my flare-up had passed, there I was, tugging at my dress, trying to smile for the camera in the blazing noon day sun. Even though I had sworn off social media a few short days ago (when I was feeling sick,) there I was trying to “Keep Up with the Joneses” or I guess, in this day and age, it would be more like the Kardashians? Perhaps, though, I was just trying to keep up with myself. Speaking of…

My daily IG posts are to support my fashion & food blog, but over the years it’s grown into showcasing what I’m wearing on Deco Drive, too. Hence my #ootd pictures, and that’s not all — whatever I wear (whether it’s to a gala, cocktail party, work event, night on the town, vacation, brunch, lunch) it’s usually planned out to be picture perfect. #SayCheese It’s not just part of my job, it’s the modern-day way and while I do have a killer closet, more often than not, I find myself with NOTHING TO WEAR. #HowIsThatEvenPossible?

—Enter: LAKZYA—

A boutique that specializes in giving fashionistas their “Dream Closet” by renting out a highly curated selection of designer dresses, gowns and coats. When I first heard about it, “Rent the Runway” came to mind, of which I’ve never been a big fan. It’s not that I don’t like the concept; it’s because I need to see, feel, touch and have an experience with what I wear before I invest in it and #renttherunway is more of an online thing. I mean, they do have “some” stores, but good luck finding one.

While Lakzya does have an online presence, their main approach is hands-on. You make an appointment and a stylist helps you find what you’re looking for. My experience there was pretty amazing. I thought I’d find one, maybe two dresses to supplement my wardrobe demands but honestly, there were so many great things I actually had a hard time choosing. It wasn’t just about the choices, either, it was the diversity of them. I tried a Stella McCartney Jumper, a Christian Dior dress originally designed by John Galliano, a Fendi Belted day-to-nighttime dress and a gorgeous Preen by Thornton Bregazzi red and pink number.

Need a bag to match? No problem. Lakzya has Chanel, Ferragamo, Ximena Kavalekas, Balenciaga and more. Everything in the store is in mint condition. Some have never been worn, worn once or they’ve been beautifully restored to their original state. The fashions at Lakzya didn’t just make me happy, I giggled at the ease of it all. Forget “Dream Closet,” it’s more like a “Dream Present” that never stops giving, with weekly wardrobe coming in and out you’ll always find the BEST fashion has to offer.

What makes it even more appealing? The company was started by three incredibly chic women (Natalie, Anna and Valerie) who over the years, like most fashionistas, carefully invested in designer dresses and accessories, but after one wear that was it. With pictures, social media and intimate party circles, the beyond-expensive outfits would get pushed to the back of their closets where they lay in waiting for their next “possible” wear and that’s when the idea of a “Dream Closet” was born. #SharingIsCaring

Lakzya easily restored my faith in finding the perfect outfit for any occasion, especially after months of muttering: “I have nothing to wear” and I’m even feeling better (suck it, CIDP.) On that note, I realize social media is what you make it. Being interested and interesting online is how things roll these days, and finding healthy boundaries is important too, but first — let me post a picture of my “Dream Closet” outfit, because it’s definitely one of my Favorite Things.

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1160 Kane Concourse
Suite 101
Bay Harbour Islands, Florida 33154

or shop-online www.lakzya.com

Working Hours: 9am-6pm
or call/email to make an appointment 305-864-4746

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“Fashion is life-enhancing and I think it’s a lovely, generous thing to do for other people.” — Vivienne Westwood

James Woodley Photography
Outside wardrobe by Hot Miami Styles
Inside clothing & handbags by Lakzya
Hair & Make-up: Odett Hernandez
Digital Editor: Jessie Neft-Swinger
Editor: Matthew “McCartney” Auerbach

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