Drama heats up as ‘Star’ goes into its 10th episode

“Star” is about more than music. It’s about the passion, the pain and the people behind the scenes of the music industry. And the cast says that makes for some juicy TV!

FOX’s hot new show “Star” continues the story of three talented singers who are trying to make it big, and like any make-it-big-story, the girls have their share of skeletons.

Cast members Queen Latifah and Benjamin Bratt say the drama is intense.

Benjamin Bratt: “What’s emerging, now that we’re about to film the 10th episode, is that the relationships are very complex. The individuals within the relationships have their own issues: some being chased by personal demons, some have secrets they are hiding, but all this goes to creating a situation where the drama’s really ratcheting up. Any questions they might have had in the beginning are now being answered, and yet, new questions are being spawned with every new episode. But, the unifying element is there’s always music.”

The music weaves its way seamlessly through every episode.

Benjamin Bratt: “The genre doesn’t matter, as you said, it could be gospel, it could be R&B, it could be Gladys Knight, who, performing to this day, is as contemporary as ever, but whatever it is, it’s gonna be hot. You have this drama unfolding weekly, but you’re gonna be surprised at every turn at what the new song is gonna be, because there’s always going to be a new song.”

Queen Latifah: “And people are already falling in love with the music.”

Even though Benjamin admits he’s not a singer, there may be a musical number in his future…

Queen Latifah: “Wait for Lee to write his fantasy sequence in.”

Benjamin Bratt: “Who am I gonna get to dub in my voice?

Queen Latifah: “Maybe you’d be just talking across some sexy music.”

Benjamin Bratt: “Maybe I would have Pitbull. (Pretending to be Pitbull) I would have Pitbull sing for me and do some crazy rap.”

Queen Latifah: “And have Mark Anthony do your singing.”

Benjamin Bratt: “I would love it.”

Catch Queen, Benjamin and all the stars of “Star” in about an hour at 9 p.m., right here on 7.

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