Dr. Miami talks about his new reality show

Famous physicians have existed throughout the years. Sherlock Holmes has Dr. Watson, Captain Kirk has Dr. McCoy, and the Magic City has Dr. Miami.

The 305’s wild man plastic surgeon became a social media favorite by posting his surgeries on Snapchat. Now he’s blowing up with his own TV series called … what else, “Dr. Miami.”

The series was created and produced by Miami-based 2C Originals, after Carla Kaufman Sloan discovered the doctor in a Miami New Times cover story.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer: “There’s a fine line between creativity and craziness, but I don’t think I’ve crossed it.”

His name is Dr. Michael Salzhauer, but to his beauty-conscious customers, he’s known as “Dr. Miami.”

Dr. Michael Salzhauer: “Somebody has to be Dr. Miami. Why can’t it be me?”

Thanks to using social media as part of his practice, the good doctor is no stranger to anyone who walks into his office.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer: “My patients come in already knowing who I am because they watch me operate every day on Snapchat. They see my work on Instagram. They’re able to follow the journeys of my patients on social media.”

Posting an operation in 10 second snippets lets viewers check out more than the process at hand.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer: “And at the end, the payoff is they see the before and the after.”

It’s obvious the doctor doesn’t take himself too seriously. There is a method to his madness.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer: “I think it helps that they can connect to me on a more personal, human to human level, and it does break the ice.”

Viewers will be in the actual operating room watching Dr. Miami do his thing. There’s a lot more to the series than watching him slice and dice.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer: “You also see the drama that goes on before, during and after actual surgery, so you see conversations that I never get to see, patients talking to their family members about their decision to have plastic surgery — some for, some against.”

Dr. Miami likes to have fun at the office as much as possible. But when it’s time to go to work, he’s all business.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer: “Yes, beneath the schtick, there’s serious surgeon that does good work. It may be hard to believe, but you gotta watch the show to see it.”

You can catch the first episode of “Dr. Miami” Friday night on WE TV.

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