‘Downton Abbey’ stars Dockery, Leech discuss beloved show’s big screen transition

They’re prim, they’re proper, and this weekend, the Crawley family is back. “Downton Abbey,” hotly anticipated by fans since the series’ finale, is finally in theaters this weekend, and the cast is telling Deco all about the royal affair.

Hugh Bonneville (as Robert Crawley): “The king and queen are coming to Downton.”

Michelle Dockery (as Lady Mary Talbot): “What?”

Nobody panic! It’s just the Royals.

OK, fine. Everybody panic.

Lesley Nicol (as Mrs. Patmore): “A royal luncheon, a parade and a dinner?! I’m going to have to sit down.”

Michelle Dockery and Allen Leech are back in “Downton Abbey” as Lady Mary Talbot and Tom Branson, and they tell Deco they never thought their British show would have such a crazy following in the U.S.

Allen Leech: “It’s so funny to hear you say ‘in the States.’ We didn’t even think it would be shown in the States.”

Michelle Dockery: “No.”

Allen Leech: “I think, when it started, we were just hoping for a good run in the U.K.”

Michelle Dockery: “Yeah, and I think it took us all by surprise.”

It’s been a while since we’ve kept up with the Crawleys, but getting the fam back together felt like a big homecoming.

Allen Leech: “The minute we got there, it was like — I think Hugh Bonneville says it best: It’s like putting on a really comfy cardigan.”

Michelle Dockery: “Yeah.”

Allen Leech: “And it’s something that you’ve worn for so long.”

Michelle Dockery: “It was just a great reunion for us. We were giddy.”

In the movie, Mary is in charge of getting everything ready for a royal visit.

Maggie Smith (as Violet Crawley): “How’s it all going?”

Hugh Bonneville (as Robert Crawley): “Mary’s got it under control.”

Michelle Dockery (as Lady Mary Talbot): “Hardly.”

But even this superwoman needs a hand.

Michelle Dockery (as Lady Mary Talbot): “I need your help, Carson.”

Jim Carter (as Mr. Carson): “I’ll be there in the morning, my lady.”

Mary enlists the family’s retired butler to get the job done — so we asked the cast who their go-to person is when they’re in a pickle.

Allen Leech: “I’d turn to my wife. My wife Jess. She’s my ride or die.”

Michelle Dockery: “My mom.”

It’s hard to keep your cool when it comes to royalty. I know I’d be losing it over Prince Harry and Meghan, but we wanted to know who Allen and Michelle would freak out about meeting.

Allen Leech: “That’s a good question. I think probably the Rolling Stones, but then I wouldn’t have to do much cleanup. I think they’d accept my house as it is.”

Michelle was a little stumped, but Allen helped her figure it out.

Michelle Dockery: “Yes! Someone like Bette Davis, someone like that.”

Allen Leech: “What would you serve her?”

Michelle Dockery: “I’d have to ask her assistant first. I think I wouldn’t want to get it wrong with Bette Davis.”

Elizabeth McGovern (as Cora Crawley): “Your Majesties, welcome to Downton Abbey.”

The movie just came out, but there’s already talks of a sequel! We asked Michelle and Allen where they’d like to see the story go next. Both said they wanna see the Crawleys leave Downton and head to the Big Apple to visit family.

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